The Spirit and Power of God in Africa, Summer 2013 (Week 5)


The time had finally arrived; it was time for the 1st of a 2 day open air evangelistic crusade at Lilongwe’s Maula Prison. After packing 23 church members into a car and 2 minibuses, along with plenty of bulky sound equipment, the expanded team made their way to the sprawled out prison. Once the evangelists entered the overly crowded facility, they were ushered into a less congested yard. When the time came, praise music resounded and hundreds of ears tuned in to the happenings. On this day, Michael brought the message. Following the word, an invitation was given to which approximately 270 men responded for salvation. Due to the configuration of the prison yard with its sectioned wire fencing, the respondents were compelled to pray for forgiveness in 3 groups, with the lion’s share standing before the speakers and praise team.

Next, Michael queried “How many of you need healing in your bodies today?” Virtually every hand of those receiving salvation went skyward. “Although many of the rest of you didn’t request salvation today, you too can come forward for healing” he continued. Several more joined the 3 groups gathered in adjacent yards as others looked on. Michael then spoke, “I command healing to come forth in the name of Jesus Christ.” He then listed a number of afflictions to be healed. Harrison joined in as God showed him a man with arthritis sitting in the back of the yard that was also healed. When finished, Michael asked, “How many of you received your healing today?” Every individual seeking healing lifted his hands heavenward! Some who sat nearby lifted their hands as well. Whereas 270 professed their need for Christ, approximately 290 were healed of their afflictions.

Tuesday marked the last day of the prison campaign, as well as the final event scheduled for the 2013 mission trip to Africa. Many inmates crowded the yard, as well as the 2 yards separated by barbed wire and high fences. Harrison brought the message to which 50 souls responded. Sensing there were more, Michael gave a 2nd invitation and another 25 men responded. Next, came the time for healing. Of the 113 that came forward for prayer, all but 16 were healed when Michael commanded healings to manifest. Those 16 were then taken aside and prayed for individually and many were healed. While the accompanying church prayed for the men’s healings, Michael and Harrison departed for the infirmary where they met another 26 men; most in dire straits with HIV, TB, or one of many other life-threatening afflictions. During their time of ministry in the tiny walled-in infirmary yard, another soul came to Christ. From within the mix, many individuals were able to testify before their fellow inmates what Jesus Christ had done for them in terms of healing. Assorted neck, back, knee, joint, and other pains vanished. Bodies were strengthened. Only God knows for certain what was accomplished in the infirmary on that day, but as far as the men were concerned, it was all good.

On Wednesday, Michael and Harrison bid good-bye to their Lilongwe hosts and departed for home. Other than severe exhaustion, little more was worth noting. Sleep was elusive as always when beginning or ending a mission trip. Taking advantage of his insomnia and relative quiet in the wee hours of the morning—somewhere in the 30,000 foot elevation range—Michael busily began planning his next year’s trip to Uganda, Tanzania, and Malawi. Why not? There was little else that could be done during the daunting 39 hour flight home. Eventually, the men found their ways home by Thursday evening.

Please watch for a mission report summary to be posted soon.

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3 Responses to The Spirit and Power of God in Africa, Summer 2013 (Week 5)

  1. Dale Parker says:

    Another fantastic bunch of testimonies! Praise God for all the healings and salvations!!!

  2. Jason Winfield says:

    Hi Michael this is Jason Winfield we met at mineral wells several years ago. If you would please send me an email Hope everyone is doing well. Say Hi to Judy for me


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