Wonders in Malawi and East Zambia, Summer 2015 (Summary)

As with previous trips, I (Dr. Michael Lanier) would like to take a brief amount of space to summarize a few closing thoughts regarding our mission trip to Africa.  

In certain respects, the 2015 venture was a continuation of what we’ve experienced in recent years. Our team was privileged to witness somewhere around 961 souls professing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and over 900 declaring—and for the most part clearly demonstrating—healings over our three week stay. This is significant by any standard. We continued to work with local churches and chaplains to insure that those who came to Christ would not stand alone. 

Our team experienced more spiritual conflict than at previous times. A sense of oppression was experienced by all at one time or another. Though breakthroughs were brief, the battle was more intense and clearly discerned than usual, with two of our team awakened in different nights to the presence of evil. While somewhat unusual to the western mind, events such as these should be more expected than they normally are. After all, our goal is to invade and deplete the kingdom of the “god of this world” (2 Corinthians 4:4), to which no one expects he will capitulate without a struggle. 

Just as sure as the wicked realm made its presence known, so too did the Great King of heaven and earth. As for myself, I’d never experienced anything quite like peering into the heavens (Monday, week 1). For two men that had never discussed such matters among themselves (Harrison and myself) to have shared in identical experiences at the very same moment, is a testimony to what God is still willing to share with those who are His own. 

As for the wonders of God, I noticed something a bit different this year. The quality of the more miraculous elements seemed lacking. In fact, I don’t remember seeing the lame walk or anyone blind receiving sight. Perhaps such needs were simply not present. Regardless, many healings were manifested; just of a more basic nature. On the other hand, visions of immanent healings and prophetic utterances seemed to manifest at a new height. No vision or prophetic word went unfulfilled. 

Finally and as always, the people of eastern Africa were wonderful. New friends are always hard to leave behind. Everyone on the team, upon their departure and for some time afterward, felt a common emptiness in their hearts. I thank God that He has given us fond memories. 

Dr. Michael Lanier, Executive Director

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