Powerful Ministry in Northwestern Zambia, Summer 2016 (Week 2)


Sunday marked the first of a three-day event in Manyama, northwestern Zambia. The team arrived at Bethel Mission Church where two local churches came together for a combined total of 180-200 in each meeting. Following some of the most beautiful acapella music imaginable, Michael began the service with his Kingdom of God teaching, which was followed by Peter and a message intended to share the teaching’s application.

With teaching and preaching concluded, it was time for ministry of a different nature—prophetic ministry followed by a time of healing. (The team usually ministers in this order to prevent chaos. People are genuinely interested in hearing the prophetic words that are spoken over members of the congregation, but once healings begin to manifest, things can quickly become chaotic.) It was during the prophetic time that Michael called for the man he’d seen in his vision the night before during prayer time. Michael called but there was no response. After a moment, thinking that perhaps the vision was for another day, the crowd erupted in applause as the aging man rose to his feet. Sitting near the back of the church, he made his way forward. Not to belabor the prophetic element, everything was just as the Spirit had revealed the night before. Words of revelation and encouragement poured over the man, to which he acknowledged the validity and accuracy at the conclusion of his time of ministry. In all, seventeen people received prophetic words—all of which confirmed their accuracy—and 57 received and demonstrated their healings when healings were commanded in mass from the front of the church. (When the crowd is too large for individual laying on of hands, and when the Spirit leads, mass healing is usually spoken over the assembly. This practice was first put into action at a meeting in Nepal three years earlier and is recorded as a blog post.)

As an added note, this was the first meeting and first year that mass healings were regularly videoed. In this particular meeting, with the sunlight waning and the absence of electricity, the video slowly erupts in applause and then shouts of joy as silhouetted figures frantically wave their hands in demonstration of each individual’s manifested healing. It is a remarkable sight to behold!

Some wondered how Monday could top Sunday’s meeting. Harrison brought an application message to the Kingdom of God theme shared the previous day. Happy then spoke on the authority Christians have over healing. Among the initial 125 in attendance, there were 11 prophetic words in the morning and a number of healings in the afternoon.

One notable event should be mentioned. A woman brought her “rebellious son” forward for prayer. As Peter began to pray for the son, the mother instantly shot backward, landing on a number of children sitting nearby. Laying there, manifesting odd behavior, several in the church whisked her away to another room where they prayed for her deliverance. The children were unharmed—only startled (along with most of the team).

By the close of the day, many others had joined the meeting. With the light of day failing, the service was closed with a second day of mass healing via the spoken command. Around 120 receiving healing in this manner.

Tuesday marked the third and final day of ministry in Manyama. Happy had already departed for home, leaving at sunrise, and everyone else was scheduled to leave that afternoon. What was initially looking like an epilog was about to explode into something very different. Peter brought a message to a gathering of about 150 in attendance, which was followed by an extraordinary time of prophetic and healing ministry. Michael declared, “There’s a woman here that has a secret that no one knows and she’s unable to have intimacy because of it.” No one came forward until a lady—who was sobbing so loudly that she had become a distraction—approached the team and whispered, “I am HIV positive and I’ve told no one. Because of this, I can’t be intimate.” The team ministered to her and we trust God will act accordingly. A blind elderly woman who’d endured a failed surgery to restore her sight, came forward for prayer. Not only did God prophetically address some special areas of concern that only the woman knew, but he completely healed her from blindness—all of which was captured on video. A young boy of about 3 years of age, carried on his mother’s back, was prayed for. As the boy could not stand on his own, his mother held him up while the team prayed for his healing. Nothing happened at that moment. Only after the service concluded in another 15-20 minutes, did Michael see the child running—that’s “running”—outside the church, causing many to gather around. Again, that too was videoed.

Wednesday was a day of travel back to Solwezi and a small measure of rest. Peter began his preparation to return to America, leaving Harrison, Michael, and Stephen to minister the final week. Before his departure, Peter ministered one last time in Ndola.

On Thursday, at the Bethel Mission Church in Solwezi, Harrison and Michael ministered to a gathering of 33 church members. Following the message, there were healings and prophetic utterances as the team had come to expect, but two prophecies in particular stood out. In each case, the individuals were called forward; both of which received explicit words containing details of specific and recent events in their lives, and what God desired to come of those events. The first, a young man who was seeking his place in ministry, had been coaxed by two friends to join them in a ministry scheme with the goal of ministering Christ for money. The Spirit shared details and explicitly warned the individual not to take part. (The young man’s wide-eyed expression was caught on video; a testimony to the word’s accuracy in its own right.) Next, an older man was called forward. God assured him he would be given wisdom to deal with his burden for younger men who were going astray. The Spirit then spoke of a particular young man he would reach by describing the teenager; how he would often hang his head and move things around with his foot in a particular manner. As it turned out, the individual was his son. At the service’s conclusion, both men stood and testified to the accuracy of their words and how they were encouraged.

Friday saw a continuation of ministry in Bethel Mission Church. Harrison brought the message to an attendance of 57 and Michael prophesied to four individuals.

On Saturday, the remaining team ministered one final time at Bethel Mission Church. With 51 in attendance, Michael taught and then conducted a question and answer session. Four individuals received prophetic utterances.

That evening, at Cruswell’s home where the missionaries had been staying, there was a time of prayer for the family. Harriet, who had had bad knees, was healed of her affliction; something she was willing to demonstrate.

The next morning (Sunday), the team conducted its final service at Bethel Mission Church. Thirteen of the 177 souls present prayed to receive salvation. The congregation was then asked if there were any who were in need of healing to which many raised their hands. As is common in a large group situation, healing was commanded in the name of Jesus. All but six of the 66 who indicated their need for healing were healed. The six were then called to come forward to have hands laid on them. All were healed, though a single case of Malaria could not immediately be confirmed.

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