Powerful Ministry in Northwestern Zambia, Summer 2016 (Week 3)


Monday was a day of travel to Kabompo where the team met and stayed with their host and pastor of Word of Life Church, Steven Kajila. For the remainder of the mission trip, Harrison, Michael, and Stephen would minister in the “bush.”

Tuesday marked the first day of ministry in the northwestern and furthest stretch of the mission trip. In the single street township of Kabompo, several church congregations from outlying communities came together that afternoon. All met under the large tent that had served the needs of Word of Life Church for some time. Ninety-nine souls were in attendance for the seminar presented by Michael. Two prophetic words followed, but without a time of healing.

On the following morning (Wednesday), Harrison preached to a gathering of 64, with one individual praying for salvation. Following the meeting, the team packed their belongings and journeyed to the end of the highway—literally—marking the furthest extent of the road system in northwestern Zambia. The team would spend the next two days in a village outside the township of Zambesi; so named after the nearby river from which the nation of Zambia also received its name.

The night of our team’s arrival, Harrison preached to an estimated 125 in attendance; under a tent in the heart of a village dotted with abundant mud brick huts with thatched roofs. Picture attending a tent service without electricity (the village was without water and electricity) with only a single solar powered light to dimly light the speaker’s platform and you’ll begin to what most evening services are like in Africa. Following the message, approximately two-thirds of those present received demonstrable healings. (As at all times, IPICM’s policy is that anyone claiming to be healed is asked to prove their claim of healing is true, if their affliction is of a nature that can be demonstrated.) Healing was first spoken over those in need, but as is common, a small number (fourteen) did not receive healing when it was spoken. They were quickly invited to come forward to have hands laid on them and healing was commanded a second time. On the second attempt, all fourteen received their healing.

Many testified of their healings at the close of the service, but because of its unusual nature, only one will be mentioned here. The pastor’s wife had suffered from a twisted, dislocated stomach for 11 years. At the moment everyone was told to place their hands on the part of their body in need of healing—which she also did—as the command for healing was spoken, her stomach miraculously snapped back into its normal position. Psychosomatic? Hardly!

On Thursday morning, 45 persons heard Harrison bring a message. Later in the day, with their work done in Zambesi, the team returned to Kabompa and the Word of Life Church. That evening, Michael spoke to a crowd exceeding 200, with 35 of those present praying to receive Jesus and God’s gift of salvation.

On the following morning (Friday), Michael taught the final Kingdom of God seminar lesson to an attendance of 209 church leaders and members from various communities.

In the afternoon, a number of pastors met with Harrison and Michael for an informal question and answer session. If was then that Michael was first struck with how little many pastors truly understand of the basics of Scripture. Cultural beliefs, as noted in many of the pastors’ questions, were clearly inserted and deeply embedded within Christian doctrine. Furthermore, roughly half of those present didn’t possess bibles and of those who did, some couldn’t read theirs’ as they had no reading glasses.

Also in the afternoon, the team witnessed a group of pastors attempting to cast a “demon of affliction” out of a woman. The woman was lying on the group with several men standing over her shouting, “Come out, come out, come out . . . .” There was no noticeable result. The team did not interfere. (It wasn’t until the next day that the pastors asked the team if they could help, that a simple word of healing was spoken and the woman rose to her feet, healed.)

Stephen Kaindu, the Regional Director of IPICM and fellow team member, brought the evening message with over 200 believers present. Following the sermon, 40 were healed when the command for healing was again spoken. In addition to the healings, two people were saved during the service.

Saturday marked the final day and night of ministry in Kabompo with the usual number in attendance. Harrison spoke in the morning. Stephen brought the afternoon message. Later in the day, Michael held another information question and answer session with 7 pastors.

In the evening, Harrison preached the final service at the Word of Life Church with more than 200 present. One received salvation with another thirteen receiving healing by verbal command. Five individuals did not receive their healing. Those that didn’t receive came forth for additional ministry. Michael had the ten pastors present to divide into teams of two; lay their hands on their person; directed them to command healing; and when finished, inquire whether healing had come. With the one exception that was more a counselling situation, all testified they were healed at the hands of local pastors.

On Sunday, the team began their homeward-bound journey, with a stopover for the night in Solwezi. Then the following day, they made their way to Ndola where they spent the night. The next morning was the day of their departure. By Wednesday, Harrison and Michael were home with their families.

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