Wonders in Malawi and East Zambia, Summer 2015 (Week 3)


Sunday was a travel day for the team to make its way back to Blantyre and then to Lilongwe, arriving Monday.

Tuesday’s ministry at the Bible Baptist Church in Lilongwe was a unique time of power-filled ministry for everyone present. George began the service with a sermon. When finished, Michael moved the meeting into a time of prophetic ministry. Several individuals received words to which each testified to their accuracy. Each of the utterances included private matters (not always open shared where others could hear), actions the individuals had taken or were considering taking, and specific conversations the people had had. To watch the Spirit move in such ways is nothing short of astonishing! Following the prophetic ministry, the congregation was asked if they had afflictions that needed to be healed. Twenty-one hands went up. Healing was then commanded to come forth for those who had raised their hands. Hands were laid on none. Over the next several minutes, all 21 stood one at a time to testify—and even demonstrate—they’d received their healings. Astonishing.

While still in Lilongwe (Wednesday), the team, without Michael, visited Maula Prison. Harrison brought the evangelical message to a crowd of 72 with 27 acknowledging their need for salvation. Forty were healed; 15 by spoken command and 25 through laying on of hands. After the visit, the full team travelled to Petauke, Zambia, where they were scheduled to hold a three-day crusade.

Thursday morning was a much needed day of rest for the team. Lengthy days of travel always take a toll and the journey to Petauke was no exception. In addition to an overall sense of tiredness and thoughts of an eminent return to their families, the team members were forced to fight a measure of disappointment as preparations for the three-day event were obviously severely lacking. In brief, someone did not live up to expectations with regards to getting the word out. Crowds were generally small, ranging from 110-175, depending on the night. Even so, about 100 received Jesus Christ on the first night with 162 healed and 175 present. Michael brought the message all three nights.

Late in the night—the typical time for spiritual combat—Michael was briefly awakened by the horrible and fleeting smell of the rankest of sewage. It lasted no more than one or two seconds, but he immediately recognized the spiritual source. He’d heard of similar events from other Christian’s in times past.

On Friday morning, the team met with a young house church, so packed and overflowing that many had to sit outside and listen as best they could. George, Harrison, and Happy took turns teaching during the morning session. With the time of teaching concluded, Michael opened the prophetic service that followed. Many were ministered to, often voluntarily testifying to the accuracy of their words. Healings occurred, as well as one deliverance.

During the unusually cool evening, the second crusade event went well with 125 in attendance; 90 accepting Christ and many others healed.

Later in the night in the privacy of his own room, George sensed a “cold” presence. He later told the others he was locked in a spiritual battle from about 3:00 am to sunrise.

The next morning (Saturday), George, Harrison, and Happy shared a second day of teaching ministry. Following the teaching session, there were two deliverances, followed by a time of prophetic ministry. Those in attendance were about 45 in the house and 15 outside.

That night, the team held the third and final night of the crusade. Of those present, 86 received salvation and 95 were healed.

Early Sunday morning, before sunrise, the team left Petauke to travel to Chipata; the last town in Zambia before crossing back into Malawi. It was there where the team would conduct its final meeting of the campaign. With 160 bodies packed into a single schoolroom designed for a class numbering 30 or so, George brought the sermon and Michael conducted a time of prophetic ministry. (With regard to prophetic ministry, once again, as throughout the previous three weeks, God was faithful to address specific needs, often explicitly discussing people, places, events, and even conversations the recipients had had; details of a nature that no one could know other than the persons who experienced them. As seems to be something of a standard pattern, most prophetic utterances consist of three elements: the person’s past, present, and future. Utterances of past and present events serve to confirm the validity of future events.) Our God is an awesome God who is always willing to minister in whatever ways His children will allow.

Later in the day the team made its way back to Lilongwe, Malawi. After bidding farewell to their hosts—Pat and Rey Malunga and Pastor Happy—the team departed for home the next day.

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