Wonders in Malawi and East Zambia, Summer 2015 (Week 2)


On Sunday, our team split-up to be able to minister at two churches. Before Harrison was to travel to Truth Gospel Church where he had ministered the prior year, the group interceded for the two services. Michael informed Harrison to watch for a mature, slightly heavier woman in a patterned dress; that there was a special need that he was to address. That afternoon, Harrison rejoined the team at the Champions in Christ church following the conclusion of his own service, where he confirmed he encountered the woman just as it had been prophesied; the last person he prayed for in a healing line. In the meantime, George brought the message to Champions in Christ Church.

Back at our host’s home, the team noticed the spiritual battle that had overwhelmed Michael during the first night in Malawi had now expanded to include the rest of the team. First, George confessed he needed prayer for spiritual heaviness. The gloom quickly lifted following intercession. Then when Harrison entered the room, he promptly declared the exact same need; completely unaware of George’s profession just minutes earlier. In like manner, his heaviness quickly lifted as well following intercession on his behalf. Finally, and perhaps not unexpected, David entered the room, expressing the exact same need. As with the men only moments prior, his oppression lifted too, along with the departure of a headache.

On Monday evening, the group gathered to intercede for the prison service where they were to minister the next morning. During the prayer gathering, George prophesied a lame man at prison would be healed. But something else also happened during the group prayer. Harrison and Michael—independently—experienced something that can only be described as a divine encounter in the heavens. Independently and unbeknown to each other, the two men witnessed a heavenly figure overhead—clearly a divine revelation unlike anything either had ever experienced. Following the time of prayer, Harrison approached Michael privately and said, “I just saw an angel.” Michael, still awash with his own encounter, responded by describing what Harrison had just seen. “What you saw was a brilliant face, but without facial detail due to the glory. There was a smile but you couldn’t actually see it because of the brilliance. And the person you saw had slightly curled hair that resembled the silver lining of clouds, with waves of power and authority emanating all about, accompanied with a tremendous sense of joy and peace.” Harrison affirmed Michael’s description and added, “I think it was an angel.” Michael thought otherwise, saying he thought it was the Lord himself. But who could be sure since neither man was used to experiencing such things. Only one thing was certain, the event would never be forgotten!

Prison ministry at Chichiri prison facility in Blantyre took place the next morning (Tuesday). Harrison preach and 225 responded to receive salvation. Following the message, Michael spoke healing to those present and 71 declared they were healed. (It is significant to understand that anytime our team prays for, or commands healing, that we require each individual to prove their healing by doing something they couldn’t do minutes earlier. Although some things cannot be demonstrated, such as healing from HIV, most healings can be confirmed.) As the team was preparing to depart, George saw the lame man with crutch he envisioned the night before during intercessory prayer. Working his way through the crowd, George made his way to the man where he immediately commanded healing for the individual. With that, the man threw down his crutch and began to slowly walk at first, then jog with Michael across the prison yard until he was completely winded. Prior to dismissing the prison yard meeting, the team distributed soap and Vaseline to everyone present.

Later that day, George, David, Harrison, and Happy gave away 45 bags of food and some cash to members of the community who were in dire straits and who gathered at Champions in Christ for ministry. Everyone that sought healing at the meeting were healed—21 in all.

On the following morning (Wednesday), the team visited Dvumbwe Youth Offenders Rehabilitation Center—a prison facility for younger men. Harrison brought the word to 261 men ranging in ages 17-25. Everyone that heard the evangelistic sermon prayed for salvation. Likewise, almost everyone present had a need for healing; received healing ministry; and in turn expressed they had been healed, though a few could not demonstrate a verification due to the nature of their affliction. Once again, soap and Vaseline were distributed to all.

On Thursday, the team travelled to Ngabu to hold the first night of a three night crusade. Approximately 500 people were present, joining in song and dance led by a Malawian music celebrity. By the end of the night, there were 91 professions of faith and somewhere around 150 received healing. Unfortunately, not everyone prayed for is always healed. Two crippled young children were not healed at the time, along with another young man. This troubled the team but everyone knew such were matters best left in God’s hands—where they belonged. Michael brought the message all three nights.

Estimates for crowd attendance on the second night (Friday) ranged from 1,000-1,500 souls. Over the course of the evening, 73 were saved, Happy prophesied the immanence of six specific healings (all six individuals received their healing and came forward to testify), approximately 100 received healing when hands were laid on people in need and another estimated 100 received their healings via spoken commands for healing.

On the third crusade night (Saturday), only an estimated 350 were present due to a death in the community. (In parts of Africa, the entire community mourns by staying home on the occasion of a local death, even though the chief may give his approval otherwise.) On this night, 50 were saved and another 90 received healing.

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