Powerful Ministry in Northwestern Zambia, Summer 2016 (Summary)

Over the span of three weeks, 52 people prayed for salvation. In addition, the Holy Spirit ministered prophetically in a manner similar to what we read of Agabus (Acts 11:28; 21:10-11). (Our notes indicated a specific count of 27 utterances, but team notes were twice vague on unrecorded numbers. All words were verified accurate by their recipients and many were videoed.) Another 348 received healing, although numerous others were never counted on three occasions. The final tally may have approached 400. And yes, while I’m acutely aware that most Western Christians will never accept such things, try to remember that American Christianity, along with its prejudices, is only a small segment of today’s Christian population, and that most of the Spirit’s ongoing supernatural wonders still occur where the Kingdom of God continues to advance.

In addition to presenting summary figures, I (Dr. Michael Lanier) would like to conclude our ministry posts with a personal touch. While I don’t feel the need to belabor the more supernatural points, I’d like to take a moment to tell you something of a most moving experience. 

I witnessed something I’m afraid I’ll never be able to adequately describe. You’ll need to use your imagination on this one. Somewhere between Zambesi and the end of the world, our vehicle pulled over to a roadside taxi stop so we might greet some of our fellow sojourners from Kabompo. They were waiting for a connecting ride and would soon join us in Zambesi. (Picture a gathering of people patiently waiting on the side of the road for a bus—a metal entity on wheels that has no apparent concept of time or schedule—in the heart of a vast African savanna. And they were waiting without complaint.) Before we could depart our car, everyone, in complete unison, broke into spontaneous song and dance, praising God for His greatness. How difficult it was to hold back our tears. Minutes later, a small bus carrying more church members pulled to a stop about one quarter of a mile behind us. As the bus unloaded and we were recognized in the distance, its travelers immediately raced down the highway—running like a herd of wildebeests—ready to join in the celebration. Soon, everyone was singing and dancing amid the euphoria that only African believers can generate. What beauty! How wonderful it was to experience such joy in such a wonderful people. How infectious! I freely admit, they were not the only ones dancing at the taxi stop. 

Jesus told us we will always have the poor among us, but truly the term “poor” is relative. To try to describe the material poverty of the places we visited would be futile. Even so, material poverty means little from an African perspective. Children playing in dirt roads with nothing more than a toy car made from wound wire and pushed with a stick, or young men playing soccer with a ball made from bound plastic bags, is an everyday thing. No one seems aware of their material poverty. Their richness is something quite different. 

I’ve traveled far and wide over my 24 years of doing mission-evangelism and I can say without doubt, African believers are truly rich in ways westerners often fail to comprehend. In truth, they may know little about Christian doctrine, and many don’t have access to a bible, but they know how to celebrate life more than anyone I know. Imagine watching competing congregations singing and dancing their expressions of adoration under a big-top tent illumined by nothing more than a single solar charged light. Now, still with song in ear, step away from the tent and add to your imagination the majesty of our God’s starry overhead display in the black of night. Yes, African Christians are truly rich—and they are blessed!

May we never tire from serving such a wonderful people. 

Dr. Michael Lanier, Executive Director

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Powerful Ministry in Northwestern Zambia, Summer 2016 (Week 3)


Monday was a day of travel to Kabompo where the team met and stayed with their host and pastor of Word of Life Church, Steven Kajila. For the remainder of the mission trip, Harrison, Michael, and Stephen would minister in the “bush.”

Tuesday marked the first day of ministry in the northwestern and furthest stretch of the mission trip. In the single street township of Kabompo, several church congregations from outlying communities came together that afternoon. All met under the large tent that had served the needs of Word of Life Church for some time. Ninety-nine souls were in attendance for the seminar presented by Michael. Two prophetic words followed, but without a time of healing.

On the following morning (Wednesday), Harrison preached to a gathering of 64, with one individual praying for salvation. Following the meeting, the team packed their belongings and journeyed to the end of the highway—literally—marking the furthest extent of the road system in northwestern Zambia. The team would spend the next two days in a village outside the township of Zambesi; so named after the nearby river from which the nation of Zambia also received its name.

The night of our team’s arrival, Harrison preached to an estimated 125 in attendance; under a tent in the heart of a village dotted with abundant mud brick huts with thatched roofs. Picture attending a tent service without electricity (the village was without water and electricity) with only a single solar powered light to dimly light the speaker’s platform and you’ll begin to what most evening services are like in Africa. Following the message, approximately two-thirds of those present received demonstrable healings. (As at all times, IPICM’s policy is that anyone claiming to be healed is asked to prove their claim of healing is true, if their affliction is of a nature that can be demonstrated.) Healing was first spoken over those in need, but as is common, a small number (fourteen) did not receive healing when it was spoken. They were quickly invited to come forward to have hands laid on them and healing was commanded a second time. On the second attempt, all fourteen received their healing.

Many testified of their healings at the close of the service, but because of its unusual nature, only one will be mentioned here. The pastor’s wife had suffered from a twisted, dislocated stomach for 11 years. At the moment everyone was told to place their hands on the part of their body in need of healing—which she also did—as the command for healing was spoken, her stomach miraculously snapped back into its normal position. Psychosomatic? Hardly!

On Thursday morning, 45 persons heard Harrison bring a message. Later in the day, with their work done in Zambesi, the team returned to Kabompa and the Word of Life Church. That evening, Michael spoke to a crowd exceeding 200, with 35 of those present praying to receive Jesus and God’s gift of salvation.

On the following morning (Friday), Michael taught the final Kingdom of God seminar lesson to an attendance of 209 church leaders and members from various communities.

In the afternoon, a number of pastors met with Harrison and Michael for an informal question and answer session. If was then that Michael was first struck with how little many pastors truly understand of the basics of Scripture. Cultural beliefs, as noted in many of the pastors’ questions, were clearly inserted and deeply embedded within Christian doctrine. Furthermore, roughly half of those present didn’t possess bibles and of those who did, some couldn’t read theirs’ as they had no reading glasses.

Also in the afternoon, the team witnessed a group of pastors attempting to cast a “demon of affliction” out of a woman. The woman was lying on the group with several men standing over her shouting, “Come out, come out, come out . . . .” There was no noticeable result. The team did not interfere. (It wasn’t until the next day that the pastors asked the team if they could help, that a simple word of healing was spoken and the woman rose to her feet, healed.)

Stephen Kaindu, the Regional Director of IPICM and fellow team member, brought the evening message with over 200 believers present. Following the sermon, 40 were healed when the command for healing was again spoken. In addition to the healings, two people were saved during the service.

Saturday marked the final day and night of ministry in Kabompo with the usual number in attendance. Harrison spoke in the morning. Stephen brought the afternoon message. Later in the day, Michael held another information question and answer session with 7 pastors.

In the evening, Harrison preached the final service at the Word of Life Church with more than 200 present. One received salvation with another thirteen receiving healing by verbal command. Five individuals did not receive their healing. Those that didn’t receive came forth for additional ministry. Michael had the ten pastors present to divide into teams of two; lay their hands on their person; directed them to command healing; and when finished, inquire whether healing had come. With the one exception that was more a counselling situation, all testified they were healed at the hands of local pastors.

On Sunday, the team began their homeward-bound journey, with a stopover for the night in Solwezi. Then the following day, they made their way to Ndola where they spent the night. The next morning was the day of their departure. By Wednesday, Harrison and Michael were home with their families.

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Powerful Ministry in Northwestern Zambia, Summer 2016 (Week 2)


Sunday marked the first of a three-day event in Manyama, northwestern Zambia. The team arrived at Bethel Mission Church where two local churches came together for a combined total of 180-200 in each meeting. Following some of the most beautiful acapella music imaginable, Michael began the service with his Kingdom of God teaching, which was followed by Peter and a message intended to share the teaching’s application.

With teaching and preaching concluded, it was time for ministry of a different nature—prophetic ministry followed by a time of healing. (The team usually ministers in this order to prevent chaos. People are genuinely interested in hearing the prophetic words that are spoken over members of the congregation, but once healings begin to manifest, things can quickly become chaotic.) It was during the prophetic time that Michael called for the man he’d seen in his vision the night before during prayer time. Michael called but there was no response. After a moment, thinking that perhaps the vision was for another day, the crowd erupted in applause as the aging man rose to his feet. Sitting near the back of the church, he made his way forward. Not to belabor the prophetic element, everything was just as the Spirit had revealed the night before. Words of revelation and encouragement poured over the man, to which he acknowledged the validity and accuracy at the conclusion of his time of ministry. In all, seventeen people received prophetic words—all of which confirmed their accuracy—and 57 received and demonstrated their healings when healings were commanded in mass from the front of the church. (When the crowd is too large for individual laying on of hands, and when the Spirit leads, mass healing is usually spoken over the assembly. This practice was first put into action at a meeting in Nepal three years earlier and is recorded as a blog post.)

As an added note, this was the first meeting and first year that mass healings were regularly videoed. In this particular meeting, with the sunlight waning and the absence of electricity, the video slowly erupts in applause and then shouts of joy as silhouetted figures frantically wave their hands in demonstration of each individual’s manifested healing. It is a remarkable sight to behold!

Some wondered how Monday could top Sunday’s meeting. Harrison brought an application message to the Kingdom of God theme shared the previous day. Happy then spoke on the authority Christians have over healing. Among the initial 125 in attendance, there were 11 prophetic words in the morning and a number of healings in the afternoon.

One notable event should be mentioned. A woman brought her “rebellious son” forward for prayer. As Peter began to pray for the son, the mother instantly shot backward, landing on a number of children sitting nearby. Laying there, manifesting odd behavior, several in the church whisked her away to another room where they prayed for her deliverance. The children were unharmed—only startled (along with most of the team).

By the close of the day, many others had joined the meeting. With the light of day failing, the service was closed with a second day of mass healing via the spoken command. Around 120 receiving healing in this manner.

Tuesday marked the third and final day of ministry in Manyama. Happy had already departed for home, leaving at sunrise, and everyone else was scheduled to leave that afternoon. What was initially looking like an epilog was about to explode into something very different. Peter brought a message to a gathering of about 150 in attendance, which was followed by an extraordinary time of prophetic and healing ministry. Michael declared, “There’s a woman here that has a secret that no one knows and she’s unable to have intimacy because of it.” No one came forward until a lady—who was sobbing so loudly that she had become a distraction—approached the team and whispered, “I am HIV positive and I’ve told no one. Because of this, I can’t be intimate.” The team ministered to her and we trust God will act accordingly. A blind elderly woman who’d endured a failed surgery to restore her sight, came forward for prayer. Not only did God prophetically address some special areas of concern that only the woman knew, but he completely healed her from blindness—all of which was captured on video. A young boy of about 3 years of age, carried on his mother’s back, was prayed for. As the boy could not stand on his own, his mother held him up while the team prayed for his healing. Nothing happened at that moment. Only after the service concluded in another 15-20 minutes, did Michael see the child running—that’s “running”—outside the church, causing many to gather around. Again, that too was videoed.

Wednesday was a day of travel back to Solwezi and a small measure of rest. Peter began his preparation to return to America, leaving Harrison, Michael, and Stephen to minister the final week. Before his departure, Peter ministered one last time in Ndola.

On Thursday, at the Bethel Mission Church in Solwezi, Harrison and Michael ministered to a gathering of 33 church members. Following the message, there were healings and prophetic utterances as the team had come to expect, but two prophecies in particular stood out. In each case, the individuals were called forward; both of which received explicit words containing details of specific and recent events in their lives, and what God desired to come of those events. The first, a young man who was seeking his place in ministry, had been coaxed by two friends to join them in a ministry scheme with the goal of ministering Christ for money. The Spirit shared details and explicitly warned the individual not to take part. (The young man’s wide-eyed expression was caught on video; a testimony to the word’s accuracy in its own right.) Next, an older man was called forward. God assured him he would be given wisdom to deal with his burden for younger men who were going astray. The Spirit then spoke of a particular young man he would reach by describing the teenager; how he would often hang his head and move things around with his foot in a particular manner. As it turned out, the individual was his son. At the service’s conclusion, both men stood and testified to the accuracy of their words and how they were encouraged.

Friday saw a continuation of ministry in Bethel Mission Church. Harrison brought the message to an attendance of 57 and Michael prophesied to four individuals.

On Saturday, the remaining team ministered one final time at Bethel Mission Church. With 51 in attendance, Michael taught and then conducted a question and answer session. Four individuals received prophetic utterances.

That evening, at Cruswell’s home where the missionaries had been staying, there was a time of prayer for the family. Harriet, who had had bad knees, was healed of her affliction; something she was willing to demonstrate.

The next morning (Sunday), the team conducted its final service at Bethel Mission Church. Thirteen of the 177 souls present prayed to receive salvation. The congregation was then asked if there were any who were in need of healing to which many raised their hands. As is common in a large group situation, healing was commanded in the name of Jesus. All but six of the 66 who indicated their need for healing were healed. The six were then called to come forward to have hands laid on them. All were healed, though a single case of Malaria could not immediately be confirmed.

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Powerful Ministry in Northwestern Zambia, Summer 2016 (Week 1)

For years, whenever the core team of IPICM has travelled afar to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with other cultures, there has been something of a price to pay. Although sometimes aimed directly against the team members themselves, in more recent years, family members have often received what can only be described as the brunt of Satan’s wrath. The ongoing record is far too lengthy to be discussed here. But as it happened, this year proved to be little different from years past. For example, three members of Harrison’s family, in three different parts of the country, visited hospital emergency rooms the week before the team’s departure. That same week, Michael’s parents each received disparaging health diagnoses and his sister was quickly scheduled for major surgery. And these were only the beginnings of what both men were forced to endure while on the mission field. It might also be noted that in the two weeks that followed their returns home, Harrison’s problems continued with his “car from hell,” while Michael’s father was hospitalized twice in the same week that Michael himself was treated for pneumonia. Just a coincidence? (Michael’s father passed away five weeks following his return.)

What has always stood out to those forced to put up with the enemy’s tactics, is something of a silver lining. We know the enemy of the faith would never work so hard if he didn’t have so much to lose. We at IPICM freely admit, our goal is to plunder the kingdom of darkness. What you are about to read is evidence of that goal’s partial fulfillment.


By Monday evening, the team of three—Dr. Michael Lanier, Harrison Hunter, and Peter Valenzuela—begun their journey, resulting with their meeting up in New Jersey. Harrison and Peter flew from Arizona, whereas Michael departed from Texas. Harrison’s daughter, Kellee, was kind enough to pick up the team from the airport at late-night intervals. By daybreak, the three men launched out on what was to be a memorable trek. First, they had to hasten to catch a bus in Weehawken—in the rain, dragging their bags in tote—to take them to the Port Authority hub. Nearly missing their stop—which they would have missed had it not been for an observant fellow passenger—they travelled to New York where they then hooked up with the subway system. The goal was to make it to JFK Airport in time for their morning flight. The greatest concern was for potential delays associated with the morning commute and then a potentially long wait at TSA security. But God’s grace was with the team, as it made the jaunt without incident. Even TSA was virtually empty, though it had been in the news for weeks for having as much as two hour waits at many major airports.

Tuesday was spent in the air between New York and Johannesburg, South Africa. The flight, though long (15 hours over the Atlantic Ocean), was uneventful and very tiring.

By Wednesday afternoon, the team had made its way from Johannesburg to the town of Ndola, in northwestern Zambia. I’ll pause to share a bit of humor. Not knowing exactly what to expect when flying into Zambia, as it was expected to be different from the normal border crossing, the team followed the precise instructions for entry as stated on the official Zambian Embassy website. However, the tree men quickly learned that nothing on the site seemed to apply. Passports were stamped without need for visa applications, yellow fever card, etc. When Michael inquired as to why our visa forms were not needed as stated in the websites conflicting info, “Misinformation!” was the only response offered. Okay. In hindsight, it’s better to have what’s requested and not need it than . . . .

Stephen Kaindu—who would serve as the team’s host for the next three weeks—met the men at the airport. After a bit of brief business (buying food and phones), the team made its way to a local guest house were everyone began their adjustment to African time; preparing for the immanent “jet lag” ordeal.

Thursday was slated for the first day of ministry. The team had been asked to bring a devotion to a gathering of teachers at a nearby school. As is often the case in Africa, Michael and Harrison—the latter designated to speak—arrived late and were given just three minutes to present a word. Not a good start, but they managed their assignment. The rest of the day was given to some much needed rest. The team was also joined by our Malawian friend and partner, Happy Gondwe, who travelled a grueling trek by bus to join the team in northwestern Zambia.

On Friday, the full team ministered at Bethel Mission Church, in Ndola. Michael taught the first of several lessons on the Kingdom of God, with Harrison following-up with the application and Peter sharing that Jesus is “the unchanging miracle worker.” Those in attendance numbered 123, with one individual praying for salvation. The meeting marked the first of a three-week long series of prophetic and healing services.

Saturday was a travel day. The team rented a car to take them first to Solwezi and later to Manyama; the team was scheduled to minister at the latter for the next three days. The drive was truly an eye opening event. The men travelled for an unrelenting eight hours down a highway that was sometimes wide enough for a single vehicle, and sometimes nothing more than a dirt road. The journey was rough but not entirely unexpected. No one complained. When the team finally arrived in the sleep town of Manyama, the sun was already nearing the end of its day. The men setup home in the Washi Washi Guest House, where a meal, bath, bed, and some much needed rest were welcomed by all.

At this point, one additional note should be added. The three men, along with their African partners, met for prayer before turning in for the night. During prayer time, Michael received a vision that the team would minister to a tall, slim, aging man with greying hair and beard on the next day. The man is “distraught, in despair, and hopeless” came the accompanying words. Although no one truly knew the magnitude of what to expect the coming morning, Michael shared that he believed the team was about to embark on some of the most powerful meetings they would experience over the course of the coming three weeks. Little did he know just how true his words would be.

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Wonders in Malawi and East Zambia, Summer 2015 (Summary)

As with previous trips, I (Dr. Michael Lanier) would like to take a brief amount of space to summarize a few closing thoughts regarding our mission trip to Africa.  

In certain respects, the 2015 venture was a continuation of what we’ve experienced in recent years. Our team was privileged to witness somewhere around 961 souls professing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and over 900 declaring—and for the most part clearly demonstrating—healings over our three week stay. This is significant by any standard. We continued to work with local churches and chaplains to insure that those who came to Christ would not stand alone. 

Our team experienced more spiritual conflict than at previous times. A sense of oppression was experienced by all at one time or another. Though breakthroughs were brief, the battle was more intense and clearly discerned than usual, with two of our team awakened in different nights to the presence of evil. While somewhat unusual to the western mind, events such as these should be more expected than they normally are. After all, our goal is to invade and deplete the kingdom of the “god of this world” (2 Corinthians 4:4), to which no one expects he will capitulate without a struggle. 

Just as sure as the wicked realm made its presence known, so too did the Great King of heaven and earth. As for myself, I’d never experienced anything quite like peering into the heavens (Monday, week 1). For two men that had never discussed such matters among themselves (Harrison and myself) to have shared in identical experiences at the very same moment, is a testimony to what God is still willing to share with those who are His own. 

As for the wonders of God, I noticed something a bit different this year. The quality of the more miraculous elements seemed lacking. In fact, I don’t remember seeing the lame walk or anyone blind receiving sight. Perhaps such needs were simply not present. Regardless, many healings were manifested; just of a more basic nature. On the other hand, visions of immanent healings and prophetic utterances seemed to manifest at a new height. No vision or prophetic word went unfulfilled. 

Finally and as always, the people of eastern Africa were wonderful. New friends are always hard to leave behind. Everyone on the team, upon their departure and for some time afterward, felt a common emptiness in their hearts. I thank God that He has given us fond memories. 

Dr. Michael Lanier, Executive Director

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Wonders in Malawi and East Zambia, Summer 2015 (Week 3)


Sunday was a travel day for the team to make its way back to Blantyre and then to Lilongwe, arriving Monday.

Tuesday’s ministry at the Bible Baptist Church in Lilongwe was a unique time of power-filled ministry for everyone present. George began the service with a sermon. When finished, Michael moved the meeting into a time of prophetic ministry. Several individuals received words to which each testified to their accuracy. Each of the utterances included private matters (not always open shared where others could hear), actions the individuals had taken or were considering taking, and specific conversations the people had had. To watch the Spirit move in such ways is nothing short of astonishing! Following the prophetic ministry, the congregation was asked if they had afflictions that needed to be healed. Twenty-one hands went up. Healing was then commanded to come forth for those who had raised their hands. Hands were laid on none. Over the next several minutes, all 21 stood one at a time to testify—and even demonstrate—they’d received their healings. Astonishing.

While still in Lilongwe (Wednesday), the team, without Michael, visited Maula Prison. Harrison brought the evangelical message to a crowd of 72 with 27 acknowledging their need for salvation. Forty were healed; 15 by spoken command and 25 through laying on of hands. After the visit, the full team travelled to Petauke, Zambia, where they were scheduled to hold a three-day crusade.

Thursday morning was a much needed day of rest for the team. Lengthy days of travel always take a toll and the journey to Petauke was no exception. In addition to an overall sense of tiredness and thoughts of an eminent return to their families, the team members were forced to fight a measure of disappointment as preparations for the three-day event were obviously severely lacking. In brief, someone did not live up to expectations with regards to getting the word out. Crowds were generally small, ranging from 110-175, depending on the night. Even so, about 100 received Jesus Christ on the first night with 162 healed and 175 present. Michael brought the message all three nights.

Late in the night—the typical time for spiritual combat—Michael was briefly awakened by the horrible and fleeting smell of the rankest of sewage. It lasted no more than one or two seconds, but he immediately recognized the spiritual source. He’d heard of similar events from other Christian’s in times past.

On Friday morning, the team met with a young house church, so packed and overflowing that many had to sit outside and listen as best they could. George, Harrison, and Happy took turns teaching during the morning session. With the time of teaching concluded, Michael opened the prophetic service that followed. Many were ministered to, often voluntarily testifying to the accuracy of their words. Healings occurred, as well as one deliverance.

During the unusually cool evening, the second crusade event went well with 125 in attendance; 90 accepting Christ and many others healed.

Later in the night in the privacy of his own room, George sensed a “cold” presence. He later told the others he was locked in a spiritual battle from about 3:00 am to sunrise.

The next morning (Saturday), George, Harrison, and Happy shared a second day of teaching ministry. Following the teaching session, there were two deliverances, followed by a time of prophetic ministry. Those in attendance were about 45 in the house and 15 outside.

That night, the team held the third and final night of the crusade. Of those present, 86 received salvation and 95 were healed.

Early Sunday morning, before sunrise, the team left Petauke to travel to Chipata; the last town in Zambia before crossing back into Malawi. It was there where the team would conduct its final meeting of the campaign. With 160 bodies packed into a single schoolroom designed for a class numbering 30 or so, George brought the sermon and Michael conducted a time of prophetic ministry. (With regard to prophetic ministry, once again, as throughout the previous three weeks, God was faithful to address specific needs, often explicitly discussing people, places, events, and even conversations the recipients had had; details of a nature that no one could know other than the persons who experienced them. As seems to be something of a standard pattern, most prophetic utterances consist of three elements: the person’s past, present, and future. Utterances of past and present events serve to confirm the validity of future events.) Our God is an awesome God who is always willing to minister in whatever ways His children will allow.

Later in the day the team made its way back to Lilongwe, Malawi. After bidding farewell to their hosts—Pat and Rey Malunga and Pastor Happy—the team departed for home the next day.

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Wonders in Malawi and East Zambia, Summer 2015 (Week 2)


On Sunday, our team split-up to be able to minister at two churches. Before Harrison was to travel to Truth Gospel Church where he had ministered the prior year, the group interceded for the two services. Michael informed Harrison to watch for a mature, slightly heavier woman in a patterned dress; that there was a special need that he was to address. That afternoon, Harrison rejoined the team at the Champions in Christ church following the conclusion of his own service, where he confirmed he encountered the woman just as it had been prophesied; the last person he prayed for in a healing line. In the meantime, George brought the message to Champions in Christ Church.

Back at our host’s home, the team noticed the spiritual battle that had overwhelmed Michael during the first night in Malawi had now expanded to include the rest of the team. First, George confessed he needed prayer for spiritual heaviness. The gloom quickly lifted following intercession. Then when Harrison entered the room, he promptly declared the exact same need; completely unaware of George’s profession just minutes earlier. In like manner, his heaviness quickly lifted as well following intercession on his behalf. Finally, and perhaps not unexpected, David entered the room, expressing the exact same need. As with the men only moments prior, his oppression lifted too, along with the departure of a headache.

On Monday evening, the group gathered to intercede for the prison service where they were to minister the next morning. During the prayer gathering, George prophesied a lame man at prison would be healed. But something else also happened during the group prayer. Harrison and Michael—independently—experienced something that can only be described as a divine encounter in the heavens. Independently and unbeknown to each other, the two men witnessed a heavenly figure overhead—clearly a divine revelation unlike anything either had ever experienced. Following the time of prayer, Harrison approached Michael privately and said, “I just saw an angel.” Michael, still awash with his own encounter, responded by describing what Harrison had just seen. “What you saw was a brilliant face, but without facial detail due to the glory. There was a smile but you couldn’t actually see it because of the brilliance. And the person you saw had slightly curled hair that resembled the silver lining of clouds, with waves of power and authority emanating all about, accompanied with a tremendous sense of joy and peace.” Harrison affirmed Michael’s description and added, “I think it was an angel.” Michael thought otherwise, saying he thought it was the Lord himself. But who could be sure since neither man was used to experiencing such things. Only one thing was certain, the event would never be forgotten!

Prison ministry at Chichiri prison facility in Blantyre took place the next morning (Tuesday). Harrison preach and 225 responded to receive salvation. Following the message, Michael spoke healing to those present and 71 declared they were healed. (It is significant to understand that anytime our team prays for, or commands healing, that we require each individual to prove their healing by doing something they couldn’t do minutes earlier. Although some things cannot be demonstrated, such as healing from HIV, most healings can be confirmed.) As the team was preparing to depart, George saw the lame man with crutch he envisioned the night before during intercessory prayer. Working his way through the crowd, George made his way to the man where he immediately commanded healing for the individual. With that, the man threw down his crutch and began to slowly walk at first, then jog with Michael across the prison yard until he was completely winded. Prior to dismissing the prison yard meeting, the team distributed soap and Vaseline to everyone present.

Later that day, George, David, Harrison, and Happy gave away 45 bags of food and some cash to members of the community who were in dire straits and who gathered at Champions in Christ for ministry. Everyone that sought healing at the meeting were healed—21 in all.

On the following morning (Wednesday), the team visited Dvumbwe Youth Offenders Rehabilitation Center—a prison facility for younger men. Harrison brought the word to 261 men ranging in ages 17-25. Everyone that heard the evangelistic sermon prayed for salvation. Likewise, almost everyone present had a need for healing; received healing ministry; and in turn expressed they had been healed, though a few could not demonstrate a verification due to the nature of their affliction. Once again, soap and Vaseline were distributed to all.

On Thursday, the team travelled to Ngabu to hold the first night of a three night crusade. Approximately 500 people were present, joining in song and dance led by a Malawian music celebrity. By the end of the night, there were 91 professions of faith and somewhere around 150 received healing. Unfortunately, not everyone prayed for is always healed. Two crippled young children were not healed at the time, along with another young man. This troubled the team but everyone knew such were matters best left in God’s hands—where they belonged. Michael brought the message all three nights.

Estimates for crowd attendance on the second night (Friday) ranged from 1,000-1,500 souls. Over the course of the evening, 73 were saved, Happy prophesied the immanence of six specific healings (all six individuals received their healing and came forward to testify), approximately 100 received healing when hands were laid on people in need and another estimated 100 received their healings via spoken commands for healing.

On the third crusade night (Saturday), only an estimated 350 were present due to a death in the community. (In parts of Africa, the entire community mourns by staying home on the occasion of a local death, even though the chief may give his approval otherwise.) On this night, 50 were saved and another 90 received healing.

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