The Spirit and Power of God in Africa, Summer 2013 (Summary)

“. . . 800 professions of faith and almost 1800 healings

Writing from a personal perspective, I find it fairly difficult to adequately express the works and wonders Harrison and I (Michael) witnessed over the course of the 5 weeks we were in Africa. Most of the things we encountered truly paralleled many of the events found in the gospels and the Book of Acts, and the occasional tale experienced by some of the more remarkable saints down through history. God is truly the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He is no respecter of persons. Let no one tell you otherwise.

Likewise, there is no way to adequately chronicle either the total number of salvations that were professed, or to count all the verifiable healings we observed. In 2 churches alone, the number of healings exceeded 1,000. In the Mzuzu Prison, almost half of the population came to Christ in a single open air meeting, with both miracles (a paralytic who walked) and healings manifested. Looking back at 5 weeks of posts, by our woefully inadequate tally, there were slightly more than 800 professions of faith and almost 1800 healings. Virtually everyone prayed over was healed with rare exceptions; at least in terms of verifiable healings. And as always, everyone that professed a healing was asked to provide some form of demonstration.

I should also mention how God worked through His servants is almost as remarkable as the works themselves. And it should be noted that all 3 team members’ gifts functioned in different ways. Happy Gondwe (a local pastor and our Regional Director) is a wonderfully talented servant and minister. Repeatedly, God would give him dreams or visions the night before a meeting, which he would write into a notebook the next morning. The Spirit would consistently give detailed information of who He would heal—or minister to in some other capacity—including their appearance; dress; location where they would sit in a meeting; matters they were currently experiencing; and more. Harrison Hunter, my partner in missions since 2007, has notably grown in his own ability to hear the Spirit’s voice and in intercessory prayer for the sick. While still in the early stages of prophetic healing ministry (which is what we call Happy’s gift), Harrison has himself begun to see things of the Spirit with considerable clarity. His prophetic prowess was also greater than at any time I’ve witnessed in the past. Finally, my own prophetic abilities continue. God never ceases to amaze me with such explicit and detailed revelations pertaining to the lives of those He wishes to address. With regard to healing, I seldom lay hands on the sick any more, only because now the emphasis is given to speaking healing—whether to individuals or in a larger setting. In truth, I believe the Lord is training me in this manner because of the plans we have for next year’s mass healing-evangelism crusades in Tanzania and Malawi. With confidence, I believe God equips and trains each of His servants for the specific ways they are to minister in the places where they are placed. This is what we continue to see in Africa and Asia.

As a result, today, there are many people far better off than they were prior to our arrival in Africa. Many broken bodies have been repaired and eternal life has come to many others who knew only death and destruction. Happy, Harrison, and I, have each grown a bit more in our spiritual maturity. Indeed, I’ve accumulated so much on this mission trip in the way of experience and understanding that it will take some time to truly assimilate all that we’ve encountered. But that’s the way of our Lord. We give and we receive. Even so, it’s often hard to know who receives the greater blessing; those to whom we minister or to those of us who serve. As for me, I have been blessed through this experience more than I can currently comprehend.

For the time being, perhaps it is best to leave you with a bulleted summary of what was accomplished.

  • The team visited 3 countries: Malawi, Tanzania, and Zambia over the course of 5 weeks.
  • IPICM ministered teaching and healing in 7 churches and 1 school.
  • Open air evangelism was conducted in 2 prisons and on a school ground.
  • The IPICM School of Ministry conducted 6 seminars for church leadership and congregations.
  • The Assemblies of God Press in Malawi will print a book based on the seminars, to be written in English and translated into Chichewa and Swahili, and be distributed through IPICM affiliates and the Assemblies of God denomination.

If you prayed for our work, I wish to humbly thank you. If you contributed financially, please know that your gift greatly contributed to the many lives that were changed. I hope you will remember us in the future as well.

Finally, I want to specifically thank our many African brothers and sisters who contributed to so much of what we endeavored to do. Many sacrifices were made and all were deeply appreciated. Thank you from the depths of my heart. I believe God is pleased and our heavenly rewards will be mutually shared for His glory.

May God bless you and His work,

Dr. Michael Lanier, Executive Director

UPDATE  Approximately 3 weeks after my departure from Africa I received this email from our local contact.

I have liked very much  the way you have penned down what God did on this year’s Africa Mission trip, surely human words are not enough to explain what the Lord has done at our midst.
You know  what!  testimonies are still coming to me of prophecies we delivered and were fulfilled soon after we left e.g. we prophesied in Zambia,  to a woman whose  troublesome unsaved son who smokes, gets drunk  and has run away from home to the unknown place; the prophetic word said, God will bring him back as a changed person; really it happened about two days later after we left the young man came home as a saved person.
Also am getting reports of healings  and revivals which took place in Chilumba  and  here in Blantyre which has been permanent until now.
Some who were backslidden but by your prophetic counseling, they were restored the church and they are still strong in the Lord .
To God be the glory.
We expect God, through his son Jesus Christ to greatly surprise us again next year. How I wish next year was next month.
May God’s grace and peace, be upon IPICM,
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3 Responses to The Spirit and Power of God in Africa, Summer 2013 (Summary)

  1. Tom Stoy says:

    Michael, in my heart I appreciate the hard work you, Harrison and Happy did while in Africa. The great amount of salvations and healings is a testament to our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ. “May the Lord greatly bless the ministry of IPICM.” Rev. Tom Stoy

  2. Glory be to God for everything He did in a 5 weeks trip. May God bless you mightily for your obedience to His call. Thank you for loving Africa, we are also praying hard for your coming to Uganda and we believe God is going to do mighty miracles in Uganda.
    God bless you.

    • ipicm says:

      Thank you for your comment. Our team is currently making plans to visit Uganda in June 2014. Perhaps we can meet at that time. If you would like to discuss a joint work together, please contact us at Blessings in Christ.

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