The Spirit and Power of God in Africa, Summer 2013 (Week 4)


Monday was a holiday for Malawians so Pastor Happy decided to hold an afternoon revival service for his church. Michael brought the message. With its conclusion, the congregation began to softly sing before the Lord. Then as though on cue, spontaneous praise erupted; every sort of worship ushered forth. Some worshippers were on their knees. Others cried where they stood. Eventually, Happy called those who wished to draw closer to the Lord to come forward. As he prophesied to some and Harrison videoed the events, Michael positioned himself to pray for the man standing near the end of the platform. Learning his name was Peter, Michael noticed he was holding a sign that simply read “brain damage,” “piles,” “ulcers,” “hearing problems,” and “seeing problems.” The paper read in a list format. As he looked at Peter to get clarification, Michael noticed he was trembling; presumably from the stated brain damage. In addition, the man was having significant trouble focusing and certainly seemed unable to hear Michael’s inquiry. After praying for the brain damage, a command for clear eyesight went out. Next, Michael led Peter outside where he could continue to give him undivided attention. After praying for every other need on the list, it was time to look for healing. By this time, Godfrey, one of Peter’s friends approached to give assistance and added, “He’s been sick for a long time.” Michael then had Godfrey walk across the front of the church asking Peter if he could hear him. “Yes” came the response each time. “Okay” said Michael, “walk from here to the road.” Peter did as he was told and this time without instability. “Now run” ordered Michael. Peter complied. With everyone smiling, the 3 men returned to the service where Peter testified to his healing—his sight had been restored; his hearing was normal; his instability was gone; he no longer shook; and there was no visible evidence of brain damage. His healing from piles (hemorrhoids) and ulcers could not immediately be verified.

When the men returned home following the service, Michael was met by a young man named Moses who was gifted in prophecy. He’d met him the year before. Moses stated “The Lord wanted me to tell you . . . .” Although the word was personal, it was the verification Michael needed for a dream he’d had early Friday morning which related to the direction the Lord was about to take his ministry. The word and the dream were virtually identical, and that’s all that should be said.

Following dinner, a couple came to Michael and Harrison, but never shared what they were seeking. Instead, the Holy Spirit revealed to them both what they were experiencing in their marriage; how their marriage could be repaired; and some spiritual matters as well. They both confessed the truth of what had been said and vowed to restore all that had been damaged—all of this under the guidance of God’s Spirit and through His loving revelations.

The only event planned for Tuesday was an outdoor crusade on the grounds of a school about 7 kilometers from the host church. But the day was to be busy long before the evening’s meeting.

Early in the morning, a lady little known to Happy, showed up at his door wanting prayer. With Michael and Harrison present, she proceeded to tell of a condition she’d suffered in her stomach since 2008; another condition that made relations with her husband painful; and a 3rd condition that was causing her to “dry up,” according to a local diagnosis. After prayer, the 5 year long suffering in her stomach area was gone. The remaining conditions could not be immediately verified.

Later in the morning, the men, along with Enson another team member, visited a local printing house. Because so many individuals expressed a desire to possess Michael’s notes on healing, it was decided the healing seminar should be put into print. As a result of their visit, the notes will be written into a book format over the next few months and printed in Malawi; English first and later Chichewa and eventually Swahili. The books would be promoted by both team members in their travels and within the Assemblies of God denomination.

In the afternoon, the team, along with Happy’s congregation, attended the planned outdoor crusade. Following a time of praise, Harrison brought the sermon to which 7 individuals responded. Afterward, a time of healing was offered to anyone who wished to be prayed for. Perhaps 20 came forward with many instantly healed of pains, asthma, deafness, and more. As is often the case, some verifications were not quickly available.

Following Wednesday’s breakfast, the 3 men hiked to Bobby Nyienda’s home to view his artwork and otherwise pay a visit to Malawi’s national artist. (Bobby is the country’s commissioned artist who’s done work for many heads of state and famous people including Queen Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela, Dan Quayl, Pope Paul VI, and others.) As Michael left early to return to the house, he met 2 young men in their 20’s and struck up a conversation about the Lord. One man soon left, leaving him an opportunity to converse with the one he knew he was to focus upon. The young man introduced himself as Edward. He was cordial but resistant. Finally, Michael asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?” to which he responded “Yes, three.” “Are you having relations with them?” he then queried. “Yes” came the response. “The one I’m talking about is the one that is shorter, feisty, and argumentative” Michael continued. “If you continue in your way, she will become pregnant and it will not end well for you. She has family members that will come against you—it will not end well.” The man was astonished as he declared, “Yes, we’ve been fighting 24/7 for the past few days.” Then he inquired, “How did you know?” The only response Michael could offer was that God loved him so much He wished to give him a warning of what was ahead if he continued down his present path. Although Edward chose not to accept Christ at the time, he’d been sternly warned and hopefully a seed had been planted.

Back at the house as the men prepared for lunch, a knock was heard at the door. A moment later, a well-groomed man was granted permission to enter the room. He was a pastor that once lived in the vicinity but was now engaged in a work the other side of Blantyre. “I’d heard the missionaries were back in town and I’ve come for prayer” he said. Per his request, the 3 men prayed. Michael was given a detailed prophetic word that dealt with the reason for his current fast; the nature of his present congregation; their slow spiritual growth; the pastor’s discouragement; and more as words of reassurance began to flow. Happy and Harrison both added as God gave them utterance. When the man left, he was cheerful and encouraged. (As an added note, he’d first seen the missionaries in a vision the prior year just before he initially met them. Only now had he chosen to relate his previous experience.)

Later in the afternoon, the team returned to the site where they’d held the crusade the day before. This time it was Michael’s turn to preach. Following the sermon came the invitation to receive Jesus Christ to which 7 souls responded. Next, Happy called forth several people to share prophetically what God was doing in their lives. Afterward, he called forward some who were about to be healed and then gave an open invitation to all who needed healing to come to the front. Perhaps 20 or more responded. Some healings could be instantly verified whereas others could not.

Thursday morning was given to rest and prayer for a pregnant couple that stopped by on the way to the hospital to deliver their baby. Michael and Harrison prayed they would deliver their overdue child that day. At noon, they ministered at the Weston school. Following Harrison’s address and the individual ministry that ensued, the threesome ran some personal errands before returning home to rest and prepare for the evening service at the Champions in Christ church.

The evening service was wonderful. Harrison gave the sermon and 1 troubled young man gave his life to Christ. About a dozen people went forward for healing prayer with verifiable afflictions instantly healed. A few cases, such as HIV would need medical verification. Following the service, the church gave Michael and Harrison gifts in appreciation for their ministry and warm goodbyes until their next meeting.

For the most part, Friday was a day of rest. (In truth, Harrison never got out of his pajamas.) But the day turned out to be another day of ministry as many people came to say goodbye and ask for prayer. Throughout the day, a tickle of people came to the house. They would quietly sit and engage in polite conversation until Michael and Harrison began to pray for them, or Happy would tell the 2 men they had company, and would quietly dismiss himself, allowing them to pray for their visitors. A well-known columnist and her husband were among those who came for prayer. Working in tandem, Michael and Harrison prophesied many of the things the couple was experiencing in their marriage and at her work. As a result, the husband gave his life to Christ. In reality, everyone that visited, day or night, came for prophetic words to be spoken over their lives. Eventually, because a small crowd had gathered in the living room, Michael and Harrison were forced to retire to their room, straighten it up a bit, and then allow their visitors access 1 or 2 at a time so all could pray in private. For some considerable time, the 2 men were given greatly detailed prophetic words regarding the people they prayed for—detailed information no one could know; information that only the Spirit of God could reveal for the purpose of ministering to the needs and hurts of His people. Everyone was asked if the matters brought up by Michael and Harrison were true and to the person, everyone verified the validity of what they were told.

Two other events are worth mentioning. Several people brought by cards containing statements of appreciation and affection for their missionary visitors. The well-wishers had no idea of the impact they were having on the 2 men. But the most moving moment came when the husband of the pregnant woman the men had prayed for the day prior, stopped for a visit. (Happy told Michael the man would come by as he wanted to give him the honor of naming his new son.) With anticipation, Michael prayed to ask God what would be an appropriate name. The Spirit’s response was “Joel.” Michael then looked up the meaning to discover it meant “the Lord is God.” The new father was pleased and agreed to name his son Joel. What an honor; one Michael will not forget.

With the coming of Saturday morning, the missionaries finished packing and said their farewells to Happy and his family. Enson, another friend and partner associated with IPICM, picked up the 2 men and carried them to another part of Blantyre where they would teach their seminar and minister twice on Sunday before departing Sunday afternoon for Lilongwe.

The teaching was held at a large Assemblies of God church in the afternoon and again at night. Of course as things turned out, the evening seminar coincided with the usual rolling brownout, so the night’s session was done solely by candlelight. In reality, it was a most enjoyable setting.

Harrison brought the message during the 1st Sunday morning service to a gathering of about 120 congregates. Following the invitation in which 1 man responded, he and Michael called forth those who were in need of healing. Around 9 came forward. While some healings couldn’t immediately be verified, others were. (It is especially worth noting that the night before the service Harrison had a vision of a woman of a certain age and build who was entertaining a pain to the left of her stomach. Little did he know Michael prayed for the woman, though the latter was unaware of the vision until informed after the service. Harrison was indeed beginning to exercise his prophetic healing gift in greater strength.)

When it was Michael’s turn to preach, there was an estimated gathering of about 550 in attendance. Following his sermon, he extended an invitation to receive Christ to which 26 responded. Next, came the moment for healing. As the congregation worshipped the Lord with strong praise, Michael began to command healings to be manifested. Like other times in Nepal, Tanzania, and Malawi, he listed the afflictions and commanded them to be healed. When finished, he asked for a show of hands of those who’d been healed. “Wave your hands to the Lord if He’s healed you today” shouted the exhausted preacher. No less than 500 persons lifted their hands unto heaven! Afterward, a lady approached Michael to tell him how a problem with her fused C5 and C6 neck vertebrae (to the best of his recollection) had been healed. What a day to be remembered.

With the 2 services behind them, it was time to travel to Lilongwe where the team was scheduled to hold a 2 day outdoor crusade in Malawi’s largest prison. Built for 2,500 inmates, it was now sorely overcrowded with a current population of 12,000 men. The twosome were certain God was about to do something special on the last 2 days of their mission trip.

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2 Responses to The Spirit and Power of God in Africa, Summer 2013 (Week 4)

  1. Peter Ots says:

    Of all the accounts I have read so far, this one is the most moving. Gordon and I have remembered you in prayer, and it will be great to see you when you return.

  2. Dale Parker says:

    Praise God!!! Love these testimonies!

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