The Spirit and Power of God in Africa, Summer 2013 (Week 3)


It was Monday and the 3 men prepared their bags for departure, ate breakfast, and Michael made his way to Isaac’s store, located in the midst of shops that lined the single road into the community. In the prior year when the threesome first came to Chilumba, Michael encountered Isaac as he sought a lamp and batteries. During their casual conversation, the Spirit revealed several prophetic matters in order to convict Isaac of his sinful ways. As Happy was standing nearby and knew the man, he concurred afterward. This time, a year later, the man was ready for Christ. In fact, his readiness to accept salvation must have broken some kind of speed record. Immediately after prayer, he asked Michael a rather intriguing question, “Because I’m the board chairman at my church, how should I tell them that now I plan to go to Pastor Campbell’s church instead?” Michael was stunned. Surely he wasn’t a Christian already. As it turned out, Isaac served in a church that most Africans would not recognize as truly Christian (largely because of the practice of polygamy and similar acceptances). Armed with a better understanding, Michael shared a response, Harrison gave Isaac reading glasses so he could read his bible, and the men departed until a future encounter.

Also before leaving, one of the women Happy had had in a vision Sunday morning (including her braided hair over her forehead, the color of her dress, and even where she was sitting) and prayed for a renewed walk with the Lord, showed up at the guesthouse with her husband moments before the scheduled departure. This time it was the husband’s time for a touch from God. Even though he hadn’t believed in God, he wanted his wife to go to church. Upon her return from the Sunday morning service and having heard of what God had done, he accepted Christ as Lord and came to testify so to the men. When His servants walk in the Spirit, wonderful things take place.

Following the campaign in Chilumba, the team made their way back to Lilongwe with an overnight stopover in Mzuzu. The first 2 days of the new week were given to rest.

On Tuesday the men arrived back in Lilongwe following their 4 hour bus ride. The rest of the day was uneventful.

Wednesday morning was given to additional rest, a time of prayer with the leadership of Christ for Nations church, and shopping before the evening’s time of ministry at a nearby Assemblies of God church. Following a time of praise, Harrison began his message. Almost as on cue, the lights went out and were not restored until the moment he concluded his sermon. But what a cozy time it was, listening to the Word by candlelight.

There were no healings that night as the team had grown accustomed to experience. Independently, the Spirit told all 3 men not to hold a healing session. Healings would not come again until the following afternoon.

Following the meeting, the men were scheduled to have dinner with the Honorable Watson Makala Ngozo, a member of parliament’s opposition party. He’d been told of the missionaries and wanted to meet with them. The dinner was cordial and somewhat uneventful until shortly before it was time for the 3 men to depart. Michael approached his host and requested that he might pray for him, asking him if he was a Christian. He agreed to the prayer but seemed a bit hesitant with regards to addressing his faith. As Michael took the man’s hand in his and then laid his free hand on the man’s heart, the Spirit of prophecy began to move. God revealed a number of things about his past and present experiences in the government; his original dreams of what he’d hoped to accomplish; his indecision as to his political future; the present state of parliament; and more. The man was astonished. Immediately, it was as though the Honorable Ngozo and his guests had become close friends. Afterward, Happy said “I didn’t want to tell you about him so that if God wanted to prophesy, your prayers wouldn’t be tainted.” That’s the way God works. The men were invited to meet again if their time allowed before leaving for home.

Thursday marked the day the team was to minister at the Christ for Nations Church. Delay following delay meant that Michael’s 4 hours training session was to be reduced to 45 minutes if he was to adhere to the time remaining once he took the platform. But everyone knew the Spirit was about to do something special; including a presentation of the necessary parts of the seminar. Before beginning, Michael asked, “How many of you need healing in your bodies today?” Of the more than 500 persons present, all but a handful raised their hands. In response came the words, “Today you will receive your healing.” Oh, the roar of praise that ensued! Somehow, the teaching went forth and in the time the Spirit desired. What happened next may be difficult to grasp, but it happened never-the-less. At the Spirit’s leading, Michael shouted, “Are you ready for your healing?” Again, the roar ascended unto heaven. With that, he called forth healing for every part of the human body, beginning with the head and ending with the bottom of the feet. “Receive your healing . . . .” People everywhere bore surprised facial expressions as they checked themselves for their healing. Necks swayed. Backs were purposely bent and twisted. People marched in place. Tears flowed as shouts of joy rang out everywhere. To the outsider, pandemonium was in play. But to the believers, they knew their God had visited them.

“Stand where you are” shouted Michael. “Now if you were not healed or didn’t need healing, sit down.” As he looked about, maybe 4 or 5 seated themselves. The pastor barked out something similar in his own language. Michael then turned to the pastor and asked, “Did they understand?” “Yes” he said, “they all received their healing.” Five hundred healings in a single service!

Next, prophetic words went forth instructing those who were hearing voices to come forward for their deliverance. Approximately 21 came forward for prayer. Following the command to be set free, Harrison and Happy joined in revealing more needs requiring prayer as greater numbers of people made their way to the platform. With time drawing to its end, Michael invited those in need of salvation to come forward. More than 60 responded. As the team led the respondents in prayer, their ride to the bus station arrived, forcing them to leave promptly. (As with previously mentioned close calls, the bus they were to take was loading as the men arrived at the depot.) They were scheduled to be in Blantyre by 8:30 pm that evening. Oh the joy that filled so many souls that day.

Friday was another rest day before ministry was to begin in earnest the next day.

Saturday was a training day for members of Happy’s church. The same teaching that had been taught in 4 previous churches was scheduled to be brought again. Michael prophesied to a lady and 2 young men before starting the morning session. Following the teaching came a lunch break and an afternoon session.

Sunday was a particularly long day. Harrison began with ministry to about 25 children. Afterward, he preached the morning service in which 13 people came to Christ. Michael then summarized the healing seminar, telling the congregation they should come to the afternoon service expecting to participate during a time set aside for healing. Happy then prophesied to several members of his congregation; personal matters no one would have known except they’d been revealed by the Spirit.

Later in the day, Michael brought the message for the 2nd service. When finished, he gave some final instructions regarding healing and then declared, “It’s time for you to put into practice what you’ve been learning.” With that, those who were willing to pray for the sick were invited to come forward. About 15 eventually responded. Next, those who needed healing were encouraged to stand in 1 of the 3 prayer lines. With 3 teams praying for the infirmed, shouts of praise and applause would ring out each time someone would verify their healing. It wasn’t long before everyone in need thronged forward for a place in line. (The excitement was so contagious that an unbelieving passerby entered the church where he committed his life to Christ.) By the close of the service, between 20 and 25 people professed their healings with only a small handful unable to verify what had taken place within their bodies. Michael was almost the only person that failed to receive an immediate healing; his hernia was unchanged, although his kidney stone troubled him no more after a member of the congregation spoke prophetically that his stone was healed. The point is, Michael hadn’t told the man he’d suffered from a stone since the previous weekend.

Stay tuned for more to come.

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One Response to The Spirit and Power of God in Africa, Summer 2013 (Week 3)

  1. Dale Parker says:

    Fascinating testimony of God’s goodness!!! Thank you for sharing and may God bless the rest of your journey!

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