The Works of God in Africa, Summer 2014 (Week 3)


Monday was definitely anything but a day of rest following the grueling schedule of the previous two days of church and crusade ministry. The team made its way to Ngabu—a sprawling, sleepy community in the south of Malawi. That night, they were scheduled to begin the first of two nights of crusades on a stretch of land nestled between the New Covenant Church and the highway that cut through the heart of the community.

Nearing nightfall, the Champions in Christ praise team and two nationally renowned guest Christian singers, fired up the amplifiers and musical instruments. The crowd of an estimated 500 exceeded the limits of the sole light above the platform, as most faces disappeared into the dark of night. Cars and bicycles lined the highway as many looked on in curiosity. Harrison brought the message with an estimated 250 seeking salvation and another 50 receiving healings. What a powerful and joyous night it was.

Tuesday’s ministry was much like the previous day’s, only it began a bit earlier. Again, the singers sang their songs heavenward. This night, Michael brought the message to the crowd of about 600. In response, approximately 300 responded and 100 were healed. But unlike the previous night, those many souls seeking healing pressed in on the healing team, so much so, it seemed as though they were in danger of being crushed. (At one point, Michael had to be lifted from the crowd onto the platform.) Still, demoniac’s were delivered, the lame walked, and many other healings were manifested.

Wednesday was a travel day as the team made its way northward to the capital city of Lilongwe. Things were winding down and there remained only a single event to be conducted.

Thursday marked the final event before the team returned to the United States. Maula Prison is the largest of Malawi’s 33 prisons. Built for a population of 800, the inmate count well exceeded 2,200 hundred. Many prisoners were clothed in rags; were barefoot; and suffered from problems commonly associated with overcrowding. They ate a bowl of rice porridge once a day; medicines were almost nonexistent; and one of the African team members remarked that inmates were forced to sleep sitting upright due to the overcrowded conditions. With this in mind and before their visit, the team scrounged together about $270 from individual reserves, to purchase soap, rice, sugar, and some soft drinks as gifts to the prison.

On this occasion, Shelley ministered to the women’s section and Scott to the men. Overall, about 111 men and women prayed to receive Christ, and 210 received healing.

On Friday, July 4, the team left behind their many new friends as they made their way home. It will be a long year as everyone awaits their opportunity to return to the land and people they have grown to love.

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