The Works of God in Africa, Summer 2014 (Week 2)


Monday was a travel day as the team moved their base from Lilongwe to Blantyre.

On Tuesday, the team journeyed 2 hours to visit their first prison of the mission trip. Once notorious for throwing unruly inmates to crocodiles, Mikuya Prison was quite isolated from the nearby community of Zomba. Although often lost and behind schedule, the team eventually arrived to find a little under 300 young men between the ages of 18 and 22, sitting neatly in orderly rows in the courtyard on the brick latticed ground. Scott, a prison minister in back home, brought the message to which 277 men responded. Because time was short and it was impossible to pray for the many who needed healing, Michael instructed the inmates in need, to place their hands on the parts of their bodies that needed healing. He then commanded healing. All but a half-dozen were instantly healed. When the team briefly placed hands on the 6, all but 2 received healing.

The next day, Wednesday, following Happy’s and Michael’s appearance on a Blantyre morning television program, team travelled to Bvumbwe Prison in Thyola. Harrison proclaimed the gospel this time with 323 men—virtually everyone present—receiving Jesus. Of that number, 320 were healed in much the same way as the day before. In addition, as Happy was ministering salvation to the gathering, one young man on the front row instantly fell to the brick covered ground, cracking his head and making an audible “thud” akin to the sound of dropping a watermelon on pavement. Was he alright? Happy prayed for his deliverance and the young man immediately regained consciousness and regained his place among his companions with no apparent harm.

That same night, Tom ministered in the Chirimba Assembly of God Church in Blantyre. As it turned out, the night began as a comedy of errors. Not only did Tom get left behind when the rest of the team was transported to the church, due to the mishap, he had only 10 minutes to minister. Nevertheless, 9 souls gave their lives to Christ and 6 were healed.

On Thursday evening, Rodney and Shelley ministered at Champions in Christ Church. Six individuals were healed. Happy and Michael appeared early that morning on the second television program, promoting the upcoming crusade.

Shelley ministered to the women at Champions in Christ Church on Friday. Another 9 received healing. That same morning, Happy and Michael were guests on a third television appearance.

Saturday afternoon marked the beginning of a two day crusade in Blantyre. Following the music ministries of two well-known personalities, and the Champions in Christ praise team, Michael brought the message. Of the estimated crowd of 1,200, approximately 500 souls responded to the invitation that followed. Another 500 received healing new the close of the meeting. Many were healed via the spoken word, but many did not receive their healings until they were prayed for individually.

Sunday morning found the team ministering in three locations—Divine Restoration Church (Tom ministered), Gospel Truth Church (Harrison preached), and Champions in Christ Church (Scott taught and George brought the sermon). In total, 6 adults and 1 child made decisions for Jesus Christ, and 11 healings were manifested.

The second and last of the Blantyre crusade events was held that afternoon. Following a time of praise and worship led by well-known music personalities and the Champions in Christ praise team, Michael again brought the message to a crowd likely exceeding 1,500. Hundreds more came to Christ with another 500 healings recorded.

The team gathered what rest it could that night, knowing the second crusade was scheduled to begin in less than 24 hours.

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