The Power of God in Nepal, Spring 2013 (Week 5)

Sunday morning, the 14th, marked the beginning of the Nepali New Year. It was a well-deserved day of rest for the team as everyone planned to do something for themselves. Following breakfast, before they could pursue their own plans, Michael and Tom were approached by Arjun to intercede for his sister who’d come for prayer. When the 2 agreed and approached the lady, she was obviously distressed. She had a bad headache; she was unable to hear from her right ear; there was a sore in her mouth; and she had a pain in her left shoulder. Before praying, Michael asked if she was a believer. Arjun responded “no.” The men gave her the Gospel but she held fast to the excuse she must first ask her husband if he would allow her to become a Christian. In spite of their efforts, the woman would not be persuaded. Regardless, the men prayed for her healing. The gracious—and patient—Lord heard their prayers and instantly healed their translator’s sister. Although disturbed at hearing the same excuse over and over for the past month, Michael was gently reminded of his own resistance to God’s beckoning when he was younger. Praise God He heals even in the face of rejection. Who knows what may yet take place in the woman’s heart.

Monday was the day set aside to visit Leguwa; the Nepali version of Death Valley. From the stories the missionaries were told, they were prepared to sweat a great deal. Indeed, once they concluded their 1 and ½ hour descent into the belly of the mountain valley; sweat freely flowed in the summer like environment. Clouds of dust were constant companions as the 1 lane dirt and rock road wound back and forth in serpentine form. But eventually the “shake-and-bake” Land Rover did its job of ferrying the team to the young Presbyterian fellowship.

When the time came for ministry, there was a blend of believers and Hindus waiting at what appeared to be a converted auto workshop, or something very much like it. Songs were sung and Tom followed with a sermon and Gospel appeal. To everyone’s surprise, there was no response. Michael too chimed in with an evangelistic plea from a different approach. Still, no one was stirred to receive Christ. The team then prayed a group prayer for healing. Perhaps 10 indicated that they’d been healed and went outside to make way for others, though a number of those who said they were healed also wanted individual prayer when the healing lines began. For the next couple of hours, the 2 healing teams prayed for about 50 individuals having a wide variety of afflictions. The majority were healed. Of greater importance, 4 souls were added to the Kingdom of God.

As previously stated, healing remains a baffling mystery at times. A young girl who’d been totally deaf received a measure of hearing in both ears, though she remained mute. A young man that couldn’t walk (and was in great pain whenever he attempted to do so), could now walk, though his strides were labored and his speech remained slurred. Why? The question is an honest one, yet one that is likely to remain unanswered this side of heaven.

The team, when finished, and following a time of tea, eventually made its way home shortly before dark. There would be only 1 more scheduled day for ministry.

Tuesday morning was the final day slated for ministry. The team taxied their way to the Pakhribas bazaar from which they hiked another 10 minutes down the nearly inaccessible rock filled road to the Christian’s home where they were to pray for the sick. About 15 believers had gathered in the tiny inner room. Everyone wanting prayer received healing from God just as they’d hoped. No one was disappointed. The remainder of the day was given to rest and homeward bound thoughts.

Wednesday was a day of rest before the team was scheduled to depart for Kathmandu on Thursday. The only matter worth printing was the way God took care of Michael and Tom on the first leg of their homeward bound journey. After a 4 hour journey from Pakhribas to Biratnagar, following a brief stop over in Dharan, the men thought they were getting to the airport 2 hours earlier than necessary. What they discovered was that due to bad weather, many of the flights were cancelled. Their 5:00 pm flight had surprisingly been moved up to 3:oo pm, and check-in was only a matter of minutes away. What a break! Had they arrived when scheduled, they would have spent the night in the airport and possibly missed their flight out of Kathmandu the next day. God was definitely watching over the pair of missionaries—faithful as always.

Friday afternoon, following a brief bit of shopping, Michael and Tom made their way to the airport with bags bulging. The next 48 hours plus, were virtually sleepless as the men travelled from Kathmandu, Nepal to Doha, Qartar, then to London, England, and finally to DFW Airport and home.

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2 Responses to The Power of God in Nepal, Spring 2013 (Week 5)

  1. Dale Parker says:

    Love these testimonies!

  2. Tom Stoy says:

    MIchael, it was a pleasure ministering with you in Nepal. Thanks again for inviting me to Nepal to minister alongside you! My dear friend, be blessed! Rev.Tom Stoy

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