The Power of God in Nepal, Spring 2013 (Week 4)

With Michael left in Pakhribas to rest and recover from his cold, and having returned most of the team to their homes, Tom, James, and Chan continued the healing ministry in Hile. This time, Sunday the 7th, the church was Presbyterian. A small church of less than 20 people in attendance, perhaps 15 were prayed over with about 9 completely healed. The finale came when 3 young deaf and mute children were placed before the team. Calling upon the church to fall to their knees and cry out to God in praise, all 3 children were partially able to hear; 1 was able to speak a few words.

Monday was a much needed day of rest. Michael and Tom read, shopped, hiked to a beautiful setting for prayer, and otherwise relaxed in whatever manner suited them.

Tuesday marked a return to ministry. This time, along with James and Chan (their host and translator), Michael and Tom fielded questions from students at the Himalayan Bible School in Dhankuta. Following a breakfast at the facility, the men responded to a plethora of questions, as a dozen students, along with their teacher, searched for understanding on a range of topics and verses in Scripture. Following a lunch break, the team finished their dialog around 3:00 pm and then moved into a time of healing. Out of 12 students seeking healing; 10 were completely healed with 2 receiving partial healings.

On Wednesday, the team visited a small Assembly of God church in Phakribas. Nearly 30 people were in attendance with Tom bringing the message. Following the sermon, Michael prophesied over the congregation. Many needed a return of their joy and peace; something that would be prayed for multiple times during the day. He then called out 3 ladies in the front, as God delivered exquisitely detailed words of events that had occurred in their lives; matters they were currently praying for; heart matters; and much more. Tom then continued the prophetic ministry with 2 of the women. Next, 15 people received prayer for healing. This time, as before, all but 1 was completely healed; most of which suffered from multiple afflictions. The single exception was partially healed.

A few of the prayer needs deserve additional notation. Two persons could not praise God because something demonic would begin to occur as they tried. God completely set them free; 1 of which had often manifested demonic activity whenever she felt fear or pain. She was smiling over her release when last the team saw her. Another couldn’t read his bible, although he was able to read other literature. He too experienced freedom as he sat in the corner joyfully reading the word.

There seemed to be a good measure of spiritual warfare present, but the work of the Lord was done. When the missionaries were done, there was great joy evident in everyone’s expression. The seeds of revival had been sown and all were seemed excited. After praying over a witchdoctor’s stone a man discovered in his home (to break any perceived power), the team hiked back to their dwelling to catch a few hours of rest before the next day’s events.

Late in the day, the 2 men were surprised to learn they were expected to minister at a nearby home fellowship. Tired as they were, they put forth no resistance and made their way to the meeting. With only 8 or 9 persons in attendance, including the 2 missionaries, Michael brought the teaching. A short time later, the team prayed for 2 healings and Michael brought a prophetic word to a young man. As the evening wound down, the skies began to spew marble sized hail and between down-bursts, the team made their way home.

Thursday was slated to be a day of praying for the sick as they arrived at the house where the missionaries were staying. It wasn’t long before the host’s 10’ x 12’ meeting room was packed with neighbors seeking healing. Michael opened the meeting with a brief Gospel message and then an invitation to receive Christ. Weary of the tendency of so many claims to receive Jesus if He heals them—only to claim they would do so later—he tricked his Hindu guests. This time he asked for a response to Christ before the team prayed for healing. This seemed to stir quite a reaction as snippets of Nepali language was parleyed about the room for several minutes. Eventually, 2 women prayed to receive Christ. These were the first 2 to be prayed for; 1 was completely healed and the other received nothing. The team prayed for the latter a second time, but still with no results. Michael then asked the woman if she’d visited a witchdoctor, to which she said she had. He then told her she must renounce such practices and asked her to sit for a while as the men prayed for others.

After a time, a certain man came forward for prayer. Michael asked him if he was ready to receive Jesus to which he responded “no,” because he was a witchdoctor. Michael and Tom teamed to tell the man all the reasons he should renounce his witchcraft and give his life to Christ. Finally, in an act of near desperation, Michael lovingly grasped the man saying, “Because God is such a loving and caring God, I will not let go until you’ve come to Christ.” He then proceeded in some detail to describe the vision God had given him regarding where and when the man practiced his craft, and how utterly empty it left him. When the man acknowledged the truth of the matter, Michael led him in a prayer to renounce his practice and the world of demonic powers. Tom then led him to Christ. But wait . . . there’s more. The woman that received Christ a short time earlier, but received no healing, now stood and declared “I want to pray again to become a Christian; this time with my husband.” Her husband was the witchdoctor! That was the witchery that had been hindering her healing. With both of them becoming Christians, now she was ready to be prayed over a final time. Although she had many assorted afflictions; this time she found relief from most, and perhaps all with the passage of time.

Eleven souls were prayed for with only 2 instantly receiving complete healing. The rest were only partially healed, which led Tom to wonder if people back home were beginning to wane in their prayer support. Of course both men were also tired, which also has its effect. Regardless, everyone rejoiced in the salvation of 3 brands plucked from Satan’s fire that day.

On Friday, the team of Michael, Tom, James, Arjun, and Chan, returned to Dhankuta to minister in a small Pentecostal church, known as Olive Church. It was not much to look at; corrugated metal comprised the siding and roof—a virtual oven during other times of the year. Michael reminded Tom that God had often done some of His most powerful works in unlikely, out-of-the-way places. Yep. And so it would be again.

Michael brought the message and then waited for the Lord to move. “There’s a woman in this section” he said as he pointed his finger in a particular direction, “that has recently been undergoing . . . .” He fired off a list of current experiences, noting that it was the Spirit that was moving. “Who are you?” he asked. As he patiently waited for a response, a woman stood and shared her encounters from the heart. A further word was given to her after which Michael asked “Are these things true?” to which she heartily said “Ho”; meaning yes. Turning to his left, he next stated “There’s a man here who . . . . As before, a number of personal matters were brought forth. Then the question went out, “Who are you?” A young man stood and Michael approached him to continue the prophecy. After praying more specifics, the man was told God wanted to set him free that day. A short time later, the young man confessed his grandfather—a witchdoctor—had designated him to become a witchdoctor as well. As a result, he was unable to read his bible. But after receiving prayer, He was able to freely read the word. The man had been set free!

Over the course of the 3 and ½ hours of ministry, which included a brief sermon, no less than 25 persons were healed—everyone that came forward for prayer, though it is possible a couple of individual’s total healing is uncertain.

Tom prayed for a partially deaf man whose ear was healed. Michael prayed for a lame elderly lady that could only walk with a crutch. After prayer, she repeatedly walked around the room unassisted. (However, she continued to nurse her right arm as she suffered from a measure of paralysis in the arm that was not healed. Healing is indeed a mystery.) On another occasion, Michael spoke healing to Chan, his translator, who spoke to a woman standing next to him, who in turn, retranslated Michael’s words into a tribal dialect as she spoke to her ailing mother over the phone. The scene was one to behold. Eventually, the daughter said her mother was healed of a headache and leg problems. Hallelujah!

Church finally concluded with everyone greatly rejoicing over what God had done. The team eventually made its way back to Phakribas where each member desperately sought rest.

With Saturday, came 2 places of ministry. At 8:00 that morning, the team drove to Hile where they ministered to a Presbyterian church of about 70 members. Michael brought the message and the team of Michael, Tom, Chan, Arjun, and Manju divided into 3 healing lines. At least 40 persons came forward for prayer with the great majority receiving complete healing. None failed to be healed to at least some point. However, the team noted that everyone seemed to struggle in their healing prayers; often praying 2 and 3 times for individuals.

By 10:30, the team found itself at a Hile Pentecostal church. Again, Michael gave the sermon. When finished, the team waited on the Spirit for direction, which seemed somewhat slow to come at first. Michael received a prophetic word for 2 people but didn’t know who they were; only that they were a man and a woman and they sat in 2 specific areas of the congregation. Both words were mild rebukes: the woman was entertaining anger to the point that it was causing resentment; the man had grown lazy in his service to God regarding how the Lord had called him to serve others. Not surprisingly, no one responded. (It was only after the service that Michael learned the pastor knew the man; that he had been given the gift of prophecy but was not using it to serve the body of Christ. Also, Tom prayed for a man and woman as a couple, who repented from anger related issues though the lady seemed to continue to hold anger toward her husband.) Interestingly enough, Michael’s leading from the Spirit suddenly stopped as though a light switch had been powered off, and Tom was then given the Spirit’s direction. (Michael stood quietly by as Tom led the congregation, wondering what had happened.)

The pastor and assistant pastor comprised 1 healing line; Michael and Chan manned another; Tom, Arjun, and Manju made up the third. The teams prayed for the sick for almost 2 and ½ hours, with about 45 individuals prayed for; 2 of whom came to Jesus Christ. Michael noted that 3 people with severe sight obstructions ranging from blurry vision, the inability to see distant objects, and dark blotches, received their sight. (One was taken to the door to view distant objects, which she did with success. The man with the blurred vision, counted Michael’s fingers held high from a distance. All 3 were healed.) Michael also had 2 individuals—one complete and one partially deaf—were healed.

After the service, the pastor shared with the team his experience of persecution at the hands of area Buddhists. After he led a Buddhist to Christ and the man died shortly thereafter from a brain tumor, he was asked to destroy the man’s idols. He did, but then the widow retracted her request. A chain of events was set in order so that the pastor was jailed for 26 days, only to be released while awaiting the outcome from the judicial system. Also, he told of a young man in the church who, earlier in the week, was beaten by his Hindu family for becoming a Christian. (Truly, Americans have no real idea of what it is like to live their faith in an unbelieving environment.) The team prayed for the pastor and the young man, who was in abstention, and then made their way home to rest the remainder of the day.

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  1. marc says:

    We are going through a custody battle for the children. I am fighting many lies. My “ex’ is not Christian and after coming from their mothers’ they pick up her profanities. They will then not be going to church anymore if she should acquire custody. My son Blake is asthmatic and daughter Maci has respiratory issues and she even smokes in the car with them, Please pray for our situation. She is also into witchcraft. The fervent prayer of a righteous person availeth much. . God Bless you for your prayers.

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