The Presence and Power of God in Africa, Summer 2012 (Summary)

To suggest the 5 week mission trip to Malawi, Tanzania, and Zambia exceeded all expectations is an understatement. (The interactive map below will show you where the team ministered. Click on the blue balloons for additional local information.)


None of the team members had ever before seen the hand of God move in such spectacular ways. Even now, 2 weeks following their return to the States, each member struggles with any attempt to summarize their experiences.

With more than 3,000 souls receiving ministry, salvations may have exceeded 200. Some of the people who responded to altar calls recommitted their lives to Christ, but the vast majority came in response to the Gospel message. Some encountered the Lord in church; some during open air meetings in the market; and some as a result of one-on-one evangelism.

A summary of healings is equally difficult to access. Some entailed maladies that only a doctor could verify such as HIV and pneumonia. But most were instantly verifiable. Of those that could be verified, an estimated 90% of those prayed for were healed. On some occasions, everyone that came forward for prayer received healing. Between 225 and 250 were prayed for over the 5 week stretch. (It is important to note that everyone who stated they were healed was asked to give verification. For example, those who experienced some degree of blindness were given the task of proving their recovery by counting fingers or describing something they could see. Those who recovered from pains were asked to move about in ways that only moments prior would have been too painful to have done so, etc.)

The number of prophetic utterances was equally great. Over the entire 5 weeks, every word that was given was verified and declared by each recipient to be completely accurate. (To better understand what prophecy is and its relevance for today, go to the Doctrine page and navigate to footnote [60].)

The trip was also highly successful in other ways as well. the IPICM School of Ministry for pastors and church leaders is now a reality. It is set to begin in 2013 and will enjoy an initial presence in 3 countries, with a fourth planned for July 2013. A school administrator has been selected. Pastor Enson Sinkhonde is a man who enjoys much respect in the Assemblies of God denomination; who is quite excited about the prospects of reaching his fellow ministers in southeast Africa. IPICM is also pleased to announce Happy Gondwe as its Regional Director. Without Pastor Gondwe’s involvement, little could have been achieved. He was instrumental in setting up meetings with 3 high ranking government officials with whom a future partnership in the way of medical and dental missions was discussed.

In the end, the journey is perhaps best summarized in an email from the Pastor Gondwe. He writes:

Hi Dr. Michael,
I and the churches in Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania say thanks for
fulfilling your promise of visiting us though it was not easy.
We thank you and your team mates (Tom Stoy, Marvin Hunter) for your
humility, obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit as you were
ministering at our midst.
Reports are still coming to me about the prophecies you predicated
which are being fulfilled now. Pastor Khembo phones me always giving
much thanks. He says since your revival meeting his congregation
receives new converts every week, also there is an explosive prophetic
ministry going on in the church. Indeed the prophetic gift has been
impacted to his congregation.
Glory be to God for many souls saved, prophesied to, healed, restored
and delivered during your ministry in Africa.
The church in Blantyre also give thanks to Michael for the gift of
video camera and cordless microphone.
The churches are looking forward for your next year’s coming, they are
asking God to provide you with funds so that you will also be able to
open a school of ministry which is much needed.
Yours in Lord’s service,
Happy S C Gondwe

The 2012 mission trip to Africa was only the first of many to come. Invitations to visit churches and communities now exceed all possibilities, given current resources and manpower. (IPICM has been invited to visit Kenya, and opportunities to begin work in Mozambique and Zimbabwe are under consideration.) Please consider joining with IPICM for future work in Africa; whether in prayer, financial assistance, or joining the team overseas. In addition to church ministry and leadership training through the School of Ministry, IPICM plans to hold its first outdoor crusade in a 3,000 inmate facility in Lilongwe, Malawi.

The next trip is set for June-July 2013. This will follow a 4 week mission trip scheduled for Nepal in March-April of 2013.

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