The Presence and Power of God in Africa, Summer 2012 (Week 5)


The African campaign was drawing to a close. Harrison departed for the USA on Sunday, leaving Michael and Tom to wrap up events in the town of Blantyre.

Monday was Tom’s turn to bring the message to the lunch hour crowd at City Pentecostal Church. (Happy assisted and Michael took the day off.) As had become customary, following the sermon, prayers were given for those in need.

Michael brought the Tuesday lunch hour message at City Pentecostal. (Tom took the time to prepare for an afternoon open air service.) At its conclusion, both Michael and Happy called out healing needs the Lord wanted to address. Approximately 20 individuals came forward for prayer; a few for matters other than healing. Wonderfully, everyone that came for healing was granted their request. Those suffering from headaches and a variety of body pains were immediately granted relief. One of the more remarkable examples was of a man going blind in his left eye and suffering the ravages of arthritis in his legs for years. After prayer, he high stepped in place as the effects of arthritis had vanished. When Michael moved about 30 feet away from the man and several times asked him to report the number of fingers he was hold up, the man correctly did so on 4 out of 4 tests. The team found it difficult to leave the building as people continued to stop them with their prayer requests.

Late in the day, Tom preached an open air service in a local market. Three people responded to the gospel message and were referred to Happy for follow-up.

Thursday was a busy day. Michael, Tom, Happy, and Enson (the newest African team member and director of the newly established IPICM School of Ministry) were asked to minister at the noon hour school assembly for Western College; a secular business school run by a Christian. Following a message brought by Tom, there were 5 salvations and several healings.

After meeting with a member of Parliament on matters of bring medical, dental, and other mission groups to Malawi, Thursday night found the team ministering one final time in Champions in Christ Church. Michael taught and after praying for those expressing a desire to draw closer to the Lord, there was a time given to healing ministry.  Approximately 20 came forward with a variety of healing needs, ranging from various pains to more severe afflictions. While epilepsy and HIV healings cannot be verified, all other prayers witnessed immediate success. Tom prayed for a woman with a toothache and another with intense stomach pain; both of which were healed. Michael interceded for a man suffering from several maladies, including malaria, pain in his private area, and pain in his knees. While healing from malaria cannot be verified, the other issues were immediately resolved as the man ran in place, celebrating healing in both his legs. From what could be seen, everyone’s obvious afflictions were healed that night but one.

Following the meeting, an engaged couple came to the house where Michael was staying so that he might pray for them. Remarkably, the time turned into something of a prophetic session as the Spirit revealed many matters deeply held in both the man’s and woman’s heart. Neither knew the deep seated matters within their prospective spouse but both acknowledged the shared words were true as each was grateful for what the Lord had revealed. It seemed as though a relief had taken place as the couple left greatly blessed.

Sunday marked the final day of ministry as the team had made its way to Lilongwe; the city of departure. Michael brought the sermon in an Assemblies of God church just prior to his and Tom’s departure for the airport. About 350 people were present to witness 7 more souls added to the Kingdom. With that, the 2012 mission trip to Africa was concluded.

A summary of accomplishments and thoughts will be posted in the near future.

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2 Responses to The Presence and Power of God in Africa, Summer 2012 (Week 5)

  1. Dr. Lawrence Chipao says:

    Thanks Mike and Thom for ministering at Area 36 Assemblies of God. It was God’s time. God bless the ministry

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