The Presence and Power of God in Africa, Summer 2012 (Week 3)


Following a short downtime, the team began a 3 day and night campaign in the sleepy community of Chilumba, in northern Malawi. The series of meetings were held in Champions in Christ Church, led by Pastor Curtain Campbell.

Wednesday marked the first service. Following a time of praise, something happened that is sure to be remembered for a season to come. Through the speaker, the Spirit delivered a rebuke to the congregation that in essence, it had lost its first love. Beginning with the women’s section, the Holy Spirit revealed a number of issues many of the women were involved in that were displeasing to the Lord. When finished, attention was then focused on the men; many of whom were visiting pastors. Immediately following the rebuke came a breaking in the hearts of the people as revival flooded forth and was everywhere evident over the days that followed. As had become customary in the previous 2 weeks, a sermon was preached by Tom, followed by a lengthy prophetic ministry. After a lunch break, Tom taught a seminar on prayer. Harrison gave the evening message which was followed by a healing service. Happy’s gift of calling forth healing needs witnessed many coming forward for prayer. This was 1 or 2 events to date in which everyone that came forward was healed; a total of 23.

Two young ladies gave their lives to Christ in the evening service and under unusual circumstances. In the morning as the team was breaking for lunch, Michael saw the 2 girls with their mother and told the mother God was going to do a work in their lives that evening. As it turned out, both girls had very real issues that needed to be dealt with. The older of the 2 had experienced daily epileptic daily seizures for over 5 years. The younger was in training for witchcraft and having nightly dreams of being stolen by witches, and had just been given a “witch’s ring.” Michael crushed the ring under foot and the team prayed for healing from epilepsy. It is important to note that neither girl had nightmares or seizures when questioned the next afternoon.

Thursday morning began with the customary sermon brought by Harrison, and followed by a time of prophetic ministry, led by Michael. That afternoon was given to a seminar on discipleship, also taught by Michael. The evening service was preached by Tom and concluded with a time of healing, led by Happy. Somewhere between 20 and 25 people were healed of a variety of afflictions. Following the altar call, 12 souls were added to the Kingdom of God.

Friday was a near repeat of Thursday’s events with the exception that the afternoon seminar was replaced with an open dialogue question and answer session. That morning’s prophetic ministry was 2 hours in length and much of the time was given to praying for every pastor present.

Prophetic words were highly specific. As an example, one pastor asked for prayer for his church. Without knowing further detail, Michael prophesied the following: “There is dissension in your church. One woman in particular is causing much of the problem.” The pastor then said it could be one of several people, to which Michael responded “It’s the heavyset woman.” The pastor knew immediately who she was. Then Michael continued, “And the men who are in positions of leadership have issues of their own and are not fully dedicated to their responsibilities. However, there is one individual who is called to be a leader.” Again, the pastor was uncertain who the individual might be and stated so. Michael responded “He is a quiet and humble man. He picks up his Bible and quietly walks out of the service whenever there is strife.” Instantly, the pastor knew who he was and acknowledged the matter. This is but a single example of the detailed prophetic words that came forth most days.

That evening, Michael preached the service. Approximately 21 individuals came forward to recommit their lives to Christ. Finally, Happy led the prophetic healing service where many healings were again witnessed. With the dismissal, the 3 day revival in Chilumba was concluded.

In summary of the 3 day event, there were numerous salvations and recommitments, and maybe as many as 70 healings. Prophetic utterances could not be counted, however, everyone who received a word willing attested to the accuracy of what they had been told. Among the many healings were

  • A throat was healed which had cause suffering from childhood
  • An epileptic healing
  • An asthma attack was instantly restored to natural breathing
  • A healing of glaucoma resulting in restored sight
  • A wide assortment of body pains received instant relief

On Saturday, the team was requested to pray for a prominent village leader’s ailing wife in the nearby mountains near Livingstonia—the famed community where David Livingstone began his work in Africa in the mid-nineteenth century. When the team arrived at the man’s home, the house was filled with neighbors; many of whom needed healing. Although the man’s wife did not receive healing, others did. Next, the team was asked to pray for an elderly blind man living next door. The man was 86 years of age and suffering from glaucoma. All he could see was a white haze. After prayer, the elderly gentleman was asked to state how many fingers a team member was holding up. He repeatedly gave correct answers. At one point, the team member was standing in the hall and the gentleman was sitting on the opposite side of the room. Still his answer was correct as can be verified in the videotape.

There is yet another series of events worth noting. On 3 occasions throughout the day, the Spirit revealed individuals, along with past and present events in their lives, who were in need of salvation. Two of the men prayed to receive Christ. The third was at work and said he would come to where the missionaries were staying later that night. (Note, the man did as he said he would but was turned back by the night watchman. His request to know more about Christ was left with Pastor Campbell for followup.)

Sunday found the team in Kyela, Tanzania. The day had a rather rough start (the church the team was to minister at cancelled at the last minute) but everyone felt the need to press on to see what God would do. Following a less than smooth border crossing and a lecture from a Malawian detective who informed the team they were exiting his country with too much Malawian money, the team was elated to discover they’d received a last minute invitation to minister at a Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania mission church with an attendance of about 150 worshippers. As it turned out, the bishop over the entire denomination of over 100 churches was present.

Following a message brought by Harrison, the team entered into a time of prophetic and healing ministry. Michael began by pointing to a section in the congregation and declaring there was a woman experiencing certain events in her life; that if she would come forward, the team would pray for her. Moments later, a lady in the section pointed to, burst forth in tears as she crawled to the altar for prayer. Soon after, Happy called forth a number of healing needs (such as, “There’s a lady here struggling to walk with intense paint in your feet. Come forward to be prayed for.”). To the best of the team’s recollection, all but 2 of the more than 40 individuals that came forward received healing. In the end, the bishop joyfully requested the team should spend a full week upon their return to Tanzania in 2013. Following Sunday’s service, the team spent the remainder of the day and the next on their return to Blantyre in southern Malawi.

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