The Presence and Power of God in Africa, Summer 2012 (Week 2)


The second week of ministry witnessed a greater measure of the Spirit’s power than anyone had been prepared to experience.

Monday was a planned rest day, but 2 incidents are worth noting. In the morning while on a sightseeing tour, seeds were laid for the IPICM School of Ministry’s groundwork. As it turns out, Enson, the pastor that received prayer for the dead kidney the previous day, was concluding his master level training and expressed a desire to work with IPICM. Specifically, he wants to help in setting up and conducting training seminars for African pastors and leaders. (IPICM will provide printed materials and Enson will likely direct the school. The idea of the school has been met with great enthusiasm in virtually every community where it’s been discussed—in Malawi, Tanzania, and Zambia.) That evening, Eric, a police “crime watch boss” that had been hired to watch over the house, came by for a visit. As he sat with the team discussing how he’d been used in ministry to establish 22 churches over the years, a prophetic word came to him, detailing his past ministry including the difficulties with whom he’d worked, how others had taken advantage of him, his current difficulties at home and in his present church work, and most importantly, great reassurances that God is still with him. From the beginning, Eric broke into loud sobs declaring “It is true, it is all true.” When finished, one of the team handed him a large sum of money to meet his current needs—something he’d never asked to receive.

On Wednesday, the team ministered in Lilongwe at the New Covenant Church, pastored by White Banda. It is important to note that Pastor Banda had been revealed to Michael 3 months prior in a vision in which he afterward described his appearance to Happy using Skype and the internet. Happy instantly knew the man described and declared “It’s my mentor in the faith.” (Two points should be made. First, the man of the vision was described as having broad facial features, white hair and a white beard, among other characteristics. Second, Michael’s mother had the same vision at the same instant, describing exactly what Michael had seen. To make matters even more interesting, Pastor Banda didn’t have the hair and beard when Michael encountered him. He told Michael he’d cut it off for the meeting, but that ordinarily, he kept a beard. There was no doubt the man was to join the team in ministry, which he did in the towns of Lilongwe and Mchinji, along the Zambia-Malawi boarder.)

The meeting was nothing short of spectacular. God’s presence was unmistakable. Following an evangelistic sermon given by Harrison, 47 young people came forward to profess their faith in Jesus Christ. Next came the time for prophetic and healing ministry. After a number of utterances of had been shared, Happy moved in his own unique prophetic gifting. (Unlike detailed prophecies common to Michael’s prophetic ministry, Happy sees visions of people present that are suffering from a number of maladies. He regularly keeps a notepad with him and patiently waits as the Spirit shows him a list of needs to be prayed over.) As Happy systematically called forth individuals in need of healing, the team moved into a time of healing once again. Before the lunch break, everyone who’d received a prophetic word or healing was asked to stand and testify about their experience. A number of individuals shared as their testimonies were videotaped.

Following the lunch break, Tom brought a second message as Michael continued a one-on-one time of prophetic ministry with a group of visiting ministers; some who’d walked as far as 30 kilometers (roughly 18 miles) just to attend the meeting. As the time for ministry drew to its conclusion and the team made its way to the car, the flood of healings continued to occur. Michael stated that as he made his way from the front of the church to the exit in the rear of the building, he prayed for 6 additional people; all of which were instantly healed.

By Thursday, the team made its way to the Malawi-Zambia border town of Mchinji, where they ministered at New Covenant Church under the leadership of Pastor Mbulo. As in preceding churches, again God ministered prophetically and in healings. Several visiting pastors were in attendance. Five individuals received salvation.

Following a day of rest, Friday marked a continuation of ministry in Lilongwe, this time at Christ for Nations Church where Forster Mbale serves as pastor. By comparison to date, no experience matched the move of the Spirit as experienced by the team. The morning session seated an estimated 300 individuals and the afternoon saw approximately 200. Following Tom’s morning sermon, Michael led the prophetic time. Pointing to a section of the congregation, he spoke of the presence of a woman that was experiencing certain stirrings from the Lord, coupled with several other matters. From the back of the section, came forward the sister in the Lord. After several additional statements, the woman burst into tears declaring “It’s true, everything you said.” The encouragement received was incredible. Next, the Lord revealed there were several inspiring men that sensed a call from God to be ministers. Eight men came forward to be prayed over; most of which received prophecies of their own, detailing past and present matters.

The afternoon session was even more powerful. Following a sermon given by Harrison, Happy and Pastor Forster moved into prophetic healings. Many health issues were called out and the applicable persons came forward. Most of those who responded were instantly healed. (The only uncertainty was associated with those having HIV and pneumonia, which simply couldn’t be verified.) What happened next almost defies description. Picture a few individuals attempting to hold back a throng determined to break through a police barricade and you’ll get an idea of what happened at the conclusion of the service. The team fanned out to pray for as many individuals as came forward for prayers of blessings and healings. While the team was divided—and swamped—Michael made his way to the back of the church and the tail end of a healing line. Among the many healings he witnessed as he worked his way toward the front of the healing line, Michael prayed for a man with double vision, who was healed, and many others with an assortment of pains and maladies. Reflecting back, Tom confessed he’d prayed quick prayers for an estimated 75 people. Harrison, who spent more time in prayer, prayed for an estimated 30. Following a time of refreshment and prophetic prayers for the leadership, the team departed.

Saturday and Sunday marked a significant time of service at the Abundant Grace of God Church in Chipata, Zambia, where Milton Kosamuphiri serves as pastor. (By this point in the team’s travel, the average morning service consisted of a sermon followed by a time of prophetic ministry to individuals that are either called forth or events in their lives are spoken openly by the speaker and the applicable person is then invited to respond for ministry. Following a lunch break, a second message is preached followed by a time of healing. With the exception of the lunch break, most services generally run from 9 am to 4 or 5 pm.) During Saturday afternoon’s service, only prophetic ministry came forth. Sunday morning, Tom brought the message and 71 persons came to Christ or recommitted their lives. Among those healed were an older gentleman that had been in the hospital the prior week with a damaged leg, but who was dancing with great joy only moments after receiving prayer for healing; a man having suffered from sciatic nerve damage for 5 years was immediately healed; and numerous other pains and conditions were healed.

Everywhere the team ventured, there was great interest and many were the wonders worked by the Lord.

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