Reflection on Supernatual Wonders in Jamaica, November 2008

The previous post reflects Michael Lanier’s journal entries during his spring trip to Jamaica. This post is a reflection of his fall mission trip.


Events began at a Wednesday night service in Lucea. Four of us were present to minister to a combined total of 9 people. Though the number was small, the work was great. To recap, all 9 received in-depth–even intimate–prophetic words. As a result of what they witnessed, 2 men came forward to accept Jesus. One lady who had scoliosis was told to stretch out her hands. Instead of finger to finger, the tips of her hands were about 3 or 4 inches uneven. Upon command, in a matter of seconds, the hind hand slowly inched forward to equally match the length of the lady’s forehand as her back straightened. Such overwhelming joy expressed as she fell to the floor. What a powerful display of God’s loving power.

Sunday morning was only the beginning of what would be the most powerful display of our God’s love and power any of us had ever witnessed. Our meeting was held in Hopewell. The meeting began with the sermon but before I could actually get started, God gave a prophetic word to the entire church addressing what amounted to their lack of reaching the lost among other things. (The sermon was recorded but since I’ve not seen it as of yet, all I can truly say is that the word was both a rebuke and one of encouragement, and was well received and confirmed.) Following the sermon, our team of 11 broke into 4 separate groups to pray for those that wished to come forward to receive prayer. My group was for those seeking a prophetic word. God spoke to the issues and other detailed matters of everyone that we prayed for. Judy led the group that prayed for salvation. She is such an evangelist. (Even as I write, she is traveling to minister to inmates in 3 jails.) Approximately 15 people prayed to receive Jesus. Sharon led the group that prayed for healings. There were many needs of which I hope to get detailed information during our debriefing session tomorrow. Sharon did say however, that she estimated the healing success rate was 80% to 85% of those who prayed to be healed. People would even shout as God healed their bodies. Steve and his group prayed that God would prosper those that had given from their meager means. Overall, the morning was powerful; more so than any had anticipated. Hopefully, more details will be recorded shortly. The service didn’t conclude until 2:30 pm.

Before I continue, I want to make a side note. God has powerfully used me in His prophetic call throughout the years, but he has taken me to the next level on this trip alone. Virtually everyone in every meeting I’ve attended (4 churches) and everyone on an individual basis that I ministered to elsewhere, has received a detailed prophetic utterance to which all confirmed the issues the Spirit addressed. God has been speaking so clearly and frequently, it is almost as though each utterance was spoken on demand, though it must be made clear that God speaks sovereignly when and where He wishes. The details are simply phenomenal!

Sunday night, our teams split. Steve and his group returned to the Hopewell Church to give a presentation of his recent journey to Thailand and India. My group (Judy, Jeanne, Sharon, Harrison and Novia) and I ministered in Montego Bay at the Word of Faith Deliverance Centre. After the sermon was proclaimed, we invited the congregation to come forward for those in need. I suppose a good quarter came forward to be prayed over. Although I have prayed for many in the past, God has seldom used me in the healing ministry. But that track record was about change. (The first day after my departure for Jamaica–actually, the same day–Dale, my physical therapist wife, met a patient’s daughter who lives with her mother. The daughter–a Christian–blurted out “Wait a minute. The Lord is speaking to me. The Lord is about to take your husband to a new dimension.” I’m sure she meant a new level, which is exactly what he has done not only to me but to all our team.) I can no longer remember the order of what happened, so I’ll write only what I can recount as far as my own experience with those of a few others as well.

One lady came forward for prayer regarding an undisclosed temptation. Among all else that God spoke to her, He described a lady that was gentle, caring, and always smiling; that she (the one seeking prayer) was not share her prayer need with anyone in her church, but with this lady alone. As it turned out, she works with the lady, who is also a pastor’s wife.

A lady came forward that needed prayer for her thyroid. After prayer, the Lord showed me she had another healing need. She said “yes,” that it was both her knees. We prayed for healing. I then told her to move about her knees.  She said they were better. “Not good enough,” I said. After praying a second time, she was lifting her knees high and without pain.

Another lady came forward with a shoulder injury that was troubling and left her unable to lift her arm. I’m pretty sure it was the rotator cup. We prayed and she was better but not yet fully healed, so we prayed a second time and the healing was complete. Later, during the testimony time at the end of the service, she and I had a “boxing match” before the congregation. What a display of God’s love and healing power.

A gentleman came forward. He too had bad knees. And like the lady before him, he too was prayed over twice and then was able to high step. Likewise, he shared his experience during the time of testimony. In the end, 7 or 8 of the approximately 40 persons there shared their testimonies of being healed.

Judy, next to me, prayed for a woman who was about to have knee surgery due to an injury. After her second attempt at prayer, she held out the fully extended leg and it had been healed.

Another came to Judy to pray for salvation. How utterly glorious! Others prayed for needs as well and God was faithful to meet their needs. What a night. What could top such an experience we wandered?

Later that night, on his way home and travelling in a tropical rain storm, Dimitri, one of our drivers, was hit head on in a car crash totaling his car, but short of glass in a hand cut, he was all right. More will be set on this momentarily.

I awoke Monday morning to discover a very swollen and red big toe. Apparently, I have been bitten, but strangely, there was no noticeable venom entry; ant, centipede, or something else we didn’t know. I stayed in that day to get rest, but went for the first of three evening services in Bethel Town.

Let it be recorded that during the day, while either in a time of fellowship are in prayer, I was given a vision of a short, young, heavyset lady with her hair pulled back. She also had a daughter. I knew the woman was disheartened but I knew little more.

When the ministry team arrived to join up with the medical team already on location, I was extremely tempted to turn around and return to where we were staying–especially after the doctor (Mark) told me to get off my feet. As the team was loading up the medical personnel, the lady from my vision approached me asking for prayer for an excruciating headache she was enduring. In the brief moment it took to place my hand on her head to either a 1 or 2 sentence prayer, she was completely healed. Consequently, I stayed for the service and was indeed grateful that I did.

Harrison brought the message. When it came time for the team to minister, I began by announcing “There’s a lady here and you’re experiencing pain in your chest.” I pointed to the area of the sternum. “Come up and let us pray for you.” With that, a lady came up and stood before me. We prayed 1 time. She was instantly healed and she so testified. From that moment forward, our team was fully engaged in ministry. One mother asked for prayer for her young son who’d been living with his unbelieving father and had become unruly. A prophetic word was given to her that her son would come to her telling her he was sorry for his actions. At the same moment–unknown to those of us praying with the mother–the son was praying with a team member to receive salvation. Moments later, he came to his mother telling her he was sorry for the way he’d been acting. Healings, salvations at prophetic utterances flowed.

Tuesday, my foot problem worsened. We prayed for it but like Paul leaving Trophemus in Mileta, I too would remain behind for the rest of the trip.

When Judy and Jeanne returned from Tuesday’s medical clinic, they shared with me what had transpired. Although I know more than one healing occurred, the ladies told me of a young girl that had a swollen wrist and hand and could not grasp anything–which the doctor verified–was healed when Judy prayed for her. The swelling was gone and she had full use of her hand. (In the photo, notice the surprised expression on the doctor’s face when the young girl was brought to him a second time; this time for a healing verification.)

When Dimitri, our driver who’d been involved in the car crash, brought Judy and Jeanne back to where I was staying, I told him we wanted to pray for him. By now, he was suffering whiplash in his neck and chest, for which he had been given a pain prescription but had not yet had the prescription filled. We prayed for his neck which was instantly healed. Next, we prayed for his chest with the same result. He didn’t need the prescription.

As I pen these words, the medical team is back in Bethel Town for a final day. The doctor has given me steroids, antibiotics, and an anti-histamine. Judy and her group are on the road visiting 3 jails. Later today, they will all merge for a meal being given in appreciation and from there, go to the Assemblies of Holiness Church for one last meeting. How I wish I was there. I asked the Lord moments ago if I could go but He said “No, I want you here with me.” He has some things He wants to show me, so with that in mind, I’m satisfied to stay behind.

On the following Sunday, Judy and I shared with our church all that we could in 35 minutes–far more than what I have shared within this entry.

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