Reflection on Supernatural Wonders in Jamaica, April 2008

The following excerpt was taken from the personal journal of Michael Lanier.


The April mission trip to Jamaica is behind me now. We conducted services and medical clinics in four communities and made 2 new ministry contacts. The doctor saw over 200 patients. We now have opportunities to minister in 9 or 10 communities when we return in November. All that God did cannot be reduced to pen and paper, but with brief notation, I’ll attempt to cover some of the highlights.

Sending morning and evening, at two different churches, God worked primarily in the prophetic. In Grange Hill, the message centered on the fact that the people had lost hope. Nearly in, all church members to the inner circle holding hands in prayer. God gave an overview of what was going on in the midst of the congregation–everyone appeared to acknowledge the validity of the word. Sunday night was limited only to praying for the sake of prophetic ministry at a church in Negril. One by one, we prayed for people in tool somewhere around 10:30 or 11:00 pm. At the end, prophecy was spoken to the pastor who then openly declared God had spoken to her.

On Monday, a young lady with an evil spirit came to us at the hotel. She was not a Christian. She became demonized as a result of a witch doctor’s attempt to remove her ongoing headaches. Spiritual (demonic) manifestations were showing themselves daily to her family and friends, causing much consternation. At last, she could feel the presence of the entity in her own belly–she had not eaten in 10 days! She was even dreaming of the demon having sex with her. As she sat on the balcony with us–wide-eyed, unfocused and certainly terrified–I promised that God would set her free that very day, but that she must be willing to receive Christ’s salvation along with his deliverance lest something worse happen. She agreed. The instant we prayed for deliverance and commanded of the demon to depart, she felt the spirit leave her belly. Her entire demeanor changed.  Immediately afterward, Steve bought her lunch–her first meal in 10 days. (Steve received a call from her the following Sunday as he was preparing to leave the island–all seemed fine.)

Tuesday found us ministering at the community center in Bethel Town. That night, the room was packed.  Several preached. When the time came for the invitation to receive Christ, no one came forward. Knowing that was not to be the case, I told the people we would wait. Still no one came. The Lord then revealed situations in the lives of 2 women. Apparently, I surmise that others must have known the situation because people thronged forward. Many prophecies came forth as did several salvations.

Wednesday was devoted primarily to medical missions but Thursday was an extremely eventful time prior to the evening street meeting in Lucea, I had a spiritual encounter in my hotel room with an unseen demonic presence. I sensed a hideous mockery. Righteous indignation welled up within me! After rebuking the presence, our first carload left for the street meeting. While in route, Harrison, the main speaker for the night, was sitting in a chair at the hotel that suddenly and without explanation, disintegrated, causing him to crash to the floor and then bang his head against the wall. Harrison still managed to speak later in the evening after considerable use of an ice bag. At the place where we held the street meeting, we had another demonic income. A man who begged money earlier in the day and shortly after our arrival, had an extreme change of personality. Sitting against a wall, he began a litany of peeps, chirps, and mumblings similar to those mentioned in Isaiah 8:19, “spiritists that chirp and mutter.” From across the parking lot, under her breath and impossible for the man to hear, Judy prayed to God that the spirit within the man would be silenced and come out. Although the spirit did not depart, it did fall silent. Some time later as I walked near the man, I glanced at him and found him staring back at me with the expression of a wild animal. The man once again became wildly vocal when I asked the spirit its name. “Peter” was the response in a quite proper English voice. Wishing to return him to a state of silence, like Judy, I commanded the demon to be silent and come out of the man. As before, it fell silent but failed to depart. I was reminded that some kinds come out only after much prayer. No other noises were made by the man for the duration of the service. As we were packing for our departure, only then was a single peep detected. Several people came to the Lord as a result of the service.

On the following Sunday, Judy and I shared with our church all that we could in 35 minutes–far more than what I have shared within these pages. What God has done all but defies description.

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  1. “Reflection on Supernatural Wonders in Jamaica, April 2008 | International Partners in Christian Ministry” was indeed a
    wonderful blog, can’t wait to look over a lot more of ur posts.
    Time to squander several time on the web hehe. Thanks for your time -Wilfred

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