A banner promoting an African crusadeIf you are considering inviting IPICM to assist you in evangelism and Christian ministry to your community, please read this page carefully. There are many ways we can help, but in order to make things work smoothly, we also will require assistance from you. Please note the following.

How We Can Assist Your Church and Community

Our primary mission is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to lost souls. Career missionaries do the same, but through long-term relationships and often following years of being assigned to a single location. We are far more mobile and therefore able to visit numerous places with the Gospel message and our healing ministry. But the groundwork has to be already laid. This is where committed partnerships with churches and organizations already enjoying a presence in a host country are vital.

Following are the major areas in which we can assist in ministry. Please know we’re always open to modifications in ways that can better serve you.


Ministering to the body of Christ is one of our principle goals in ministry. There is no single way in which this is done. Ministering to the needs of a congregation might come in the form of preaching, teaching, or even prophetic or healing ministry—especially during revival meetings.  People are also free to come forward as they will to be prayed over. When the Spirit is free to do as He wills, signs and wonders frequently accompany the preaching of the word. Our desire is to minister in whatever way God will lead.


Depending on our host culture and the need, our evangelistic meetings can include open air services, street meetings, and jail ministry. Open air meetings might be held in parks, busy street intersections, and virtually anywhere else there’s a gathering of souls. The size and location depends solely on local regulations and available funds (for stadiums or other facilities requiring costs). When we preach the Word, we always offer an invitation to respond to Christ and offer to pray for lives in need of healing. Those that acknowledge Jesus are prayed for and their names and contact information are recorded and given to our sponsoring-partnering churches for follow-up.


Part of our goal is to train the body of Christ to better understand that Spirit led power evangelism is always productive, and that anyone can learn to share the Word without fear. As heralds of the Gospel, our dependence should always be on the convicting work of the Holy Spirit (not powerful sermons) and the ways He chooses to draw the lost unto salvation, which incorporates signs and wonders when He sees fit. Likewise, because there are no acceptable reasons why new converts should be left to themselves to fall back into sinful living, we teach churches how to avoid the shame of letting go of those precious souls God has harvested from sin and death.

How We Need You to be Involved

As much as we enjoy the privilege of serving God’s people, we do have a few needs we hope you will be willing to meet. No matter how many volunteers we bring with us, there are never enough persons available to do all that needs to be done. Some of the work we need help with is supportive in nature, such as making arrangements or insuring all matters have been properly communicated, which sometimes involves translation. Such matters are often minor but important to our overall success none-the-less.


In locations where English is not the principle language, translators may be required. We believe this is best addressed by our host organization since you will be much more familiar with local language needs.


Evangelism is one of the major reasons for being in your community—everything we do in some way involves the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Two of the most important things you can do is to promote our services and insure your congregation will turn out to assist with evangelistic meetings. Church member involvement is important in a variety of ways, but it is particularly important for those responding to the Gospel message–they must be made to feel accepted. This is largely achieved when a congregation is willing to welcome those who may be struggling with the decision to come forward to profess their new faith.

The need for an adequate sound system is of utmost importance. Since our team is limited to what we can travel with—our bags are often filled with equipment—we need the assurance your church will supply an appropriate sound system along with someone to ensure its proper function.

Finally, it is very important your church is willing to follow-up with those that come to Christ during evangelistic meetings. Even the greatest meetings in your community will come to naught if no one follows up. Time will have been wasted and souls lost for this one failure. A lack of follow-up could all but guarantee your congregation will likely never see the need for future evangelism.


Because evangelism without discipleship leads to disappointing results, the need for discipleship cannot be overstated. New believers must be discipled if their walks are to reflect Christ. When someone is willing to mentor a new Christian, he is demonstrating a church’s willingness to accept that individual and to incorporate him into the life of the Christian community. All it takes is a handful of mature believers willing to shape the lives of new disciples.


Doing God’s work in faraway places is not cheap and unavoidable expenses will always play a factor. Where possible, we make every effort to trim unnecessary costs, thereby allowing us to place more of our funds into areas that can be better productive for the Kingdom. We ask you to be sensitive to this. In many parts of the world, Americans are viewed as wealthy and this erroneous view sometimes translates into costs evangelists and missionaries are expected to pay as part of the privilege of preaching the Gospel. We ask you to be aware of this problem and help us to be good stewards of the finances our supporters have entrusted in our care by helping to keep expenses reasonable. Our team members receive no salaried income for the work we do. We minister solely for the joy of the Gospel and the satisfaction of knowing our heavenly rewards await us.


International Partners in Christian Ministry, IPICM