Mission 2017


Plans are underway to minister in 2 districts in northwestern Zambia from May 29 through June 10, 2017. Our primary focus will be in the “bush” as we prepare to spend several days in Kasempa, followed by a 3 night open-air crusade in the township of Soweto. In between, our team will evangelize 2 prisons, hold 2 leadership seminars, and minister in several churches.

The past couple of years have witnessed tremendous success and all expectation is that the 2017 venture will be no less spectacular. Outdoor crusades, prison evangelism, pastoral and leadership training, and the supernatural works of the Spirit, head our list of great expectations. God has been faithful to save thousands in recent years and heal even more (the blind, deaf, mute, lame, and many others) and we expect that as we faithfully proclaim the “Kingdom of God” as Jesus directed, so too shall we witness the Spirit’s accompanying wonders.

As an added note, we are currently in prayer and discussion with several African partners regarding mission trips to western Kenya and Uganda. Ethiopia has already been confirmed for 2018, with details to follow.


2017 Itinerary


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Join Us

If you live in the USA and have never been on an IPICM mission trip but would like to be considered for partnership on our upcoming venture, click on the IPICM Mission Trip Application link and print the pdf form. (When the file opens, you may need to press Ctrl + P to open the print box.) After completing the application, either mail it to 3624 Winston Road, Fort Worth, TX 76109, USA, or scan the form and send it via an email attachment to ipicm.org.us@gmail.com. (Please note the application is intended for American Christians who desire to travel overseas with IPICM. Applicants must have their own means of financial support. This application is not intended to serve as a request to receive ministry.)

Please print legibly. If you send your application by standard mail, please email us to let us know so we will watch for it. Someone will contact you to finish processing your application.

Upon acceptance, we will provide you with important information, such as inoculation requirements, suggested travel items, local customs, and more. You (and your spouse if you’re married) will be invited to attend a dinner and discussion outlining what you can expect to experience.


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Consulate Information


Nepal Embassy in Washington D.C.

U S Consulate in Kathmandu, Nepal


Malawi Embassy in Washington D.C.

U S Consulate in Lilongwe, Malawi


Zambian Embassy in Washington D.C.

U S Consulate in Lusaka, Zambia


General Information

Center for Disease Control

Inoculations (Tarrant County, Texas)

International Calling Instructions

The least costly way to place a call to an overseas location is to purchase an international prepaid phone card for $10. These are often sold at grocery stores. Thirty dollar cards are available at Wal-Mart. After you obtain the country’s calling code, just follow the simple instructions on the back of the card. In many cases, you will be able to talk from 30 minutes to an hour. You will also be given the option to recharge the card with additional airtime for future calls.

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

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