We joyfully make our training library free and available to anyone who wishes to use it in a way that honors God and promotes his Son, Jesus Christ. Library materials made available from IPICM are copyrighted and protected by international copyright laws. It is not lawful to sell or alter any item produced by IPICM or its leadership, or that is downloaded from this website..

PowerPoint Shows and Outlines

Please note that PDF outlines can be downloaded and printed at this time, and are intended to accompany each applicable PowerPoint Show. PowerPoint presentations are not yet functional but should be available soon.

Buddhism PowerPoint Show

Buddhism PDF Outline

Hinduism PowerPoint Show

Hinduism PDF Outline

Islam PowerPoint Show (Part 1)

Islam PowerPoint Show (Part 2)

Islam PDF Outline

Jehovah’s Witness PowerPoint Show

Jehovah’s Witness PDF Outline

Mormonism PowerPoint Show

Mormonism PDF Outline.


Training Videos


Please be patient with us. Putting together a library is a monumental task that takes time. Thanks for your understanding.


International Partners in Christian Ministry, IPICM









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