IPICM has enjoyed an ongoing presence in the Caribbean since 1993. This tropical environment was the cradle that nurtured a global evangelism-missions outreach.




 The West Indies island of Jamaica is a nation of nearly 3 million souls; 96% of African descent and the rest of European, Indian, and Chinese ancestry. The official language is English with 97% also speaking Jamaican Creole (or Patois).

The religious makeup of Jamaica is 83% Christian and more than 10% given to one of the ethno-religious belief systems such as Rastafari and Pukkumina (or Pocomania). Of the remaining, 5% claim no religious belief, whereas 2% constitute a mix of Hindu, Muslim, Baha’i, and traditional Chinese beliefs.

Among Christians, 36% are Protestant with Pentecostals by far the dominant portion, followed by Seventh-day Adventist. Just over 10% claim independent status; nearly 4% are Anglican; 4% are Catholic.

This beautiful island is experiencing a plethora of struggles due largely to economic hardship and an illegal drug trade; both of which have left deep scars on the moral climate. As a result, prostitution is a growing problem, complicated with a significant HIV situation. Jamaica currently holds the world’s 4th highest murder rate per capita. All of this has resulted in a “brain drain” exodus of so many of the island’s more educated citizens. But regardless of its present problems, Jamaicans are some of the warmest people you will want to meet.

IPICM has traditionally participated in 1-3 mission trips to Jamaica annually (before beginning outreach to Africa and Asia). Our endeavors are often more extensive than in far away countries because logistics are less complicated and expenses are more manageable. To get a good feel for what we do in Jamaica, visit the Partnership page. To read of actual events, visit the archived posts in the Posts page.


Over a 19 year period, we have worked our way across the island from Montego Bay to Kingston and beyond; a work that began in 1993. Our most recent efforts have concentrated in the western range of the island, from Montego Bay in the north to Negril in the south and as far east as Mandeville. Some of the churches we’ve worked with include:

  • Bethel Town Deliverance Centre
  • Central Tabernacle Deliverance Centre
  • Christian Fellowship Church
  • Granville Deliverance Centre
  • Hopewell Christian Deliverance Centre
  • Montego Bay Tabernacle of Faith
  • Sav-la-Mar Deliverance Centre
  • Valley Christian Ministries, International

Our last visit to Jamaica was 2011. We eagerly await our return whenever God will lead.


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