Our personnel, like those with whom we partner, make up a diverse group. Each person serves from the heart as none are financially compensated for their endeavors. Please take a moment and learn about our leadership and how we can be contacted.


Dr. Michael Lanier serves as Executive Director (President) of IPICM and chairs the board of directors. A 1975 graduate of The University of Texas at Arlington with a BBA in management and marketing, he later attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, earning his MDiv in 1985 and his DMin in 2010, having studied in the fields of Christian worldview and cultural engagement. Michael ministered in the Texas prison system from 1995–2013, and the federal system 2011–2014. He began his mission endeavors with a visit to Jamaica in 1993. Michael currently serves in an independent church in Fort Worth, Texas. (Click here to visit Dr. Lanier’s personal site.)

Judy McReynolds, a successful business woman, is the ministry’s Assistant Director (Vice President). Also a member of the board of directors, she earned her BBA with a concentration in marketing from The University of Texas at Arlington in 1979. “Mama Judy” as she’s affectionately known, served as a prison minister in the Texas and federal penal systems from 1999–2013. Judy has been committed to mission work since 2004 and is a member of a Southern Baptist church in Burleson, Texas.

Happy Gondwe serves on the board of directors and is the ministry’s Regional Director for East Africa. He received his Honorary Diploma in Ministry from the Upper Room Bible College in 1998; an Advanced Certificate to Train Church Leaders from the Africa Ministries Network (AFMIN) in 2001; and a Diploma in Theology from Chimwankunda Bible College in 2007. Happy has ministered extensively as a pastor and evangelist in numerous countries in southeast Africa, including Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. He currently pastors an independent church in Blantyre, Malawi.

Ross Lanier is IPICM’s Accountant (Secretary). Ross earned both his BSEE and MSEE from Texas A & M University in 1948 and 1949. He was later awarded an EE professional degree in 1959. Following his retirement from management with a government defense contractor, he became a successful business man in the hotel industry, real estate, and currently owns his own CPA business. In partnership with his wife Jo, Ross served in prison ministry from 2000–2013. He’s been a deacon for many years in his Southern Baptist church in Mansfield, Texas.

Dossett IPICM PhotoGeorge Dossett is the Director of Public Relations. George is a 26 year veteran of the US Army and former commander during Desert Storm. He has owned his own successful manufacturer’s representative firm since 1992. George earned his Master’s degree in Management from Webster University in 1982. He is very active in his nondenominational church in Fort Worth, Texas, and has served in numerous capacities including teacher, financial coach, and elder. He currently serves as the Minister of Growth Tracks.

023James Poudel is an elder in a Nepali Presbyterian church, as well as the Regional Director for East Nepal. He has done the work of an evangelist and served as the team leader of the Himalayan Evangelical Fellowship since 1995. He currently serves the post of President of the Dhankuta District Christian Society. His many accomplishments include certificates from the Northeast India Baptist Bible College and Seminary; Postal Bible School; Delhi Bible Institute; Bible Believers Outreach; Light of Life Bible Correspondence School; and more.

Harrison Hunter is one of the team’s principal evangelists. A 2007 graduate of Wayland Baptist University with a BS-Religion degree, Harrison ministers in US and Mexican prisons, various shelters, and several healthcare centers. He began work with IPICM in Jamaica in 2007. Harrison is currently the Missions Pastor to his Freewill Baptist Church in Gilbert, Arizona.

Peter OtsPeter Ots is the ministry’s Technical Advisor. Having earned his BA from The University of Texas at Arlington in 1987, Peter is highly gifted in the field of software application design, having worked with a number of platforms over the years. He’s also a published author in the computer industry. As a team member, he serves as the ministry’s photographer and video specialist. Peter currently serves his Episcopal church in Grapevine, Texas.

Enson Sinkhonde is both an advisor for East Africa. Enson earned a certificate in education from Karonga Teachers Training College in 1999; a BA and later an MA in Intercultural Studies from Global University in 2011. His responsibilities have included the positions of National Secretary for the Assemblies of God National Evangelism; Chairman of Missions to the Assemblies of God School of Theology; and Divisional Director of Church Ministries. Enson currently serves as pastor of one of the largest Assemblies of God churches in Blantyre, Malawi.


Contact Information

  •           Phone:  001-817-980-3625    |    Fax:  001-817-921-4524
  •           P O Box 11581, Fort Worth, Texas 76110, USA

If you would like to be considered as a partnering missionary on one of our trips, please (1) click on the following link and print (Ctrl + P) the application form, (2) fill it out, then (3) scan and send it as an e-mail attachment or mail it by standard mail to the P O address above. Someone will contact you to finish processing your application.

IPICM Mission Trip Application


If you’re considering partnering with us or have a question about what you’ve read, please e-mail us at and we’ll do our best to respond as soon as possible. If you would like to leave a comment regarding what you’ve read, please feel free to do so below.


International Partners in Christian Ministry, IPICM


22 Responses to Contacts

  1. Dear sir we are look your website ,I am very happy really God give this ministry and heart ,please conceder this my letter and give one chances, please half me because we are doing ministry in kandhamal, Odisha.india .thank you .your pastor Baira Digal

  2. Dear Kingdom Partners,
    My name is Peter K B Alfred, social worker, human rights activist,
    clergy (Pastor), founder and Executive Director of the Christian
    Outreach Justice Mission Sierra Leone or Comin-SL. We combine the
    above in our work to provide spiritual, physical and social
    transformation of lives and communities served for their sustainable
    holistic development.
    Alongside this, we advocate for the protection and promotion of human
    rights for social and economic justice of the people focusing young
    people in order that they maximize their potential to enjoy respect
    and dignity with hope for secured future where peace and development
    will thrive. And so we work for human and community development by
    creating opportunities with the people and communities served. We
    promote sports along with evangelism and Church planting which lies in
    the center of our work.
    There are many needs and Ebola has compounded them in every area of
    human and community development in Sierra Leone. We therefore service
    community members including women, children, youth, elderly and
    disabled persons. For this purpose, we promote internship, exchange
    and volunteer programs and facilitate/participate in work camp
    nationally and internationally.
    Even when you may not be working in Sierra Leone, I wish to request
    your kind consideration to partnering with us for outreaching the
    people of Sierra Leone with post Ebola recovery programs and projects.
    In this regard, we invite you for familiarization visit to Sierra
    Leone in view of the partnership process.
    Our US based benefactor would love to help with reference should you
    need her participation in any way to facilitate the partnership arrangement.
    Please visit our website at
    Please tell us more about your work and kindly put us on your mailing list.
    I look forward to hearing and cooperating with you. Thanks and God bless.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Pastor Peter KB Alfred
    Executive Director (Comin-SL)
    Mobile Phone:+232 79 958 444/+232 25 247 597

    Greetings in Jesus name, how are you hope fine the same applies to me.
    First I am Reverend Philip Maiyo from Kenya and I have ministry called Peace community, I have 400 pastors and 100 evangelists and my churches are widely spread in 12 counties of Kenya. This ministry of mine consist of mainly the people from the minority group of people called the Ogieksengwer
    The main request to you is that we need to partnership together so that our vision of spreading the word of God to the whole world will be fulfilled, also in joining together we will be able to sustain and help this community to be self-dependent even in terms of businesses since we have orphans and widows with us,

    Also my community still live in very low standards of living and if we shall partnership together things like building schools and churches and bible school,also we shall build one hospital so that all the people from this community we benefit,we are also requsting banks to join hand together with us so that we can proceed together.

    Also we are proposing for we make a schedule in which we shall be visiting one another from to time also we shall join our churches and your to be one thing.

    Rev Philiph Maiyo


    NB: please have this letter and read trough it while being guided by the holy spirit and please reply to me when you have read it.

    • Redeemed Church kakoba says:

      Thank you for your notification and great work which Ihave seen you doing , may God bless the more. H ave you ever thought of extending your partnership to empower alocal in uganda? if God would lead you to bless us , pleased connect us us to become one of your sponsored church partner in uganda. Thanks. yours pastor B ahandagana

      On 4/13/15, International Partners in Christian Ministry

  4. pastor B ahandagana says:

    M y interest is to invite you t o extend your ministry service and your area of operation in our church in uganda. I t is our interest to develop an intimate ministry partnership with your ministry.we shall be happy to have you in our church for amutual ministry collaboration and to have you impact our church.T hank you.yours pastor B ahandagana

  5. Thank God for His blessing and i am really glad for IPICM ministry , May the Lord use in a mighty way to the people of IPICM .

  6. pastor B ahandagana says:

    praise God. I am pastor B ahandagana of R edeemed church kakpba in uganda. Iam pmressed by your ministry and iam requesting you to give more light about how we can have you in our church and your ministry established to develop aministry partnership.Thanks. yours pastor ~ B ahandagana

  7. pastor B ahandagana says:

    praise God.I am pastor B ahandagana of Redeemed church kakoba uganda, Idid my Bible school training with Youth WithAmission and i have been in ministry sinc 1992As achurch we are interested in having aministry partnership with your ministry and as i have seen your mission interest we are inviting you in uganda to come and we do church ministry in our community by teaching in church and conducting crusades.I f this is your interest we shall hear from you. T hanks yours pastor B ahandagana.

  8. This was the exact organisation i had being praying for the past years to team with an indegenious self supporting missionary working outside of his own country. I want to partner with you and moreso to invite you to visit us. It is a macedonia call,accommodation will be provide for 4persons .Looking forward to see u. GOD Will make us more fruitfull in His vineyard.

    • Dr. Michael Lanier says:

      We thank you for your comment and interest. Please tell us a bit more about you, your work, and your location. If you are in a region where we are currently working or planning a work, we will be pleased to consider a partnership. Please email us directly at

  9. OWEN DILAWO says:


  10. Rev.Joshua Masaba,
    The executive Director of Christian Rural Evangelical Foundation Ministries-Uganda.
    We humbly request to enter into partnership with your organization for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in Uganda.We are an indigenous christian organization established in the year 2004 and we have 26 congregations that are self sustaining without outside support.
    We want brethren who can come and work alongside nationals in the following areas:
    1,Evangelism and church planting,
    2.Leadership development./Discipleship.
    3,Women and Youth Ministry
    4.Child and schools ministry.
    Joshua Masaba

  11. I am from Kolkata, West Bengal India. We have church planting ministries in different parts of West Bengal.
    Can we have partnership with IPICM?Our church name is Evangelical Friends Church and Zion Friends Welfare Society as church planting and social works organization respectively.
    Please let us know for any further information you need from us.

    Joyjit Mondal

  12. Joshua Mbwahnche says:

    It’s amazing the way the Lord is using IPICM at this end times. Truly, what the body of Christ needs today more than ever is partnership if we are to fulfill the Great Commission. I would love to interact more with you with the view of possible partnering in the area of training and mentoring. I would be glad to give you more information about myself and the ministry the Lord has entrusted to us in the heart of Nigeria, West Africa.
    Joshua Mbwahnche, D.Min
    The Shepherd Lifeline Foundation (TSLF)
    Kaduna, Nigeria

    • ipicm says:

      Thank you for your comment. It is our hope the Lord Jesus will use our organization often over the years to come. Our focus continues to be placed on Africa and Asia. May God bless all who are willing to do His work. Blessings.

  13. Hello IPCM
    The lord is doing wonders with this ministry, i invite you to Uganda, we have just planted a Church and we would love to connect on your next mission to Uganda.

    Hello first and foremost we are greeting you in Jesus name, we hope you are fine same applies to us .
    we are from Kenya a community called the Ogiek, this community of ours are very marginalized and minority group of people, our homeland is the forest but we are now found on the road side since we were moved out of the forest in 1995 upto now we are left hanging on the road side, our Government does not even look upon us so were really undergoing several problems like lack of food, education landless and all our property was destroyed.
    Inspite of all this problems we thank the lord for rescuing us and now we have manage to have changed the souls and lives of several people to know God. We have several churches almost every place where this community is based even though we do not prayer houses we worship under a tree.
    We now praise and say thanks to God for helping us find you in the website.we fill and pray that you will be our rescuer .if you will help us even the few you can and we fill that the lord will bless you abundantly. The following are the problems we are undergoing and please kindly help us the few or many you can, We welcome you to make a visit to see us and be assured of this.
    • prayer
    • Education/ plot for school building
    • Food
    • land
    • Clothing
    • Church building
    • Church instruments
    • Bible (English and Kiswahili)
    • Bible study guides,magazine and tracts
    We hope the lord is going to bless you so much, please send this request to someone else who is responsible and ready to help.
    Thanks in advance
    Yours faithfully ,
    p.o box 148 ,
    lessos. Kenya

  15. My name is Rev. Alex Gyan Benneh, the Executive Director and President of newly established non profit organization on missions called CHRIST COMING MISSIONARY NETWORK,NJ, USA. Our mission is to networking together with churches and ministries(the body of Christ) to prepare the believers for Christ second coming through revivals,crusades, leaders seminars and social services. We will be more than grateful to partner with you more especially to reach Africa

    • ipicm says:

      We are always pleased to hear from fellow servants of the Most High. The work is too great to ignore the desire to serve that others may express. We will be in contact.


    What a wonderful and power grace of God upon our generation, it is so wonderful to have come across such a wonderful websites and the Lord doing in this present ages.
    It is my prayer that God will continue to raise men to finish all the unfinished works. remain blessed.

  17. Praise the Lord for His Goodness and mercy! How donderful website and International Missions.We will continue to pray for your worldwide IPICM Ministry.

    May God bless our mutual efforts to serve Him!

    Yours sincerely in Christ
    Elder: Ganesh Poudel (James)

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